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Friday, May 13, 2011


In a strongly worded letter from his attorney, former HPD Officer Rashim Campbell is demanding re-instatement to the police force.

In the letter, Attorney Sal Bonnano claims that Lt. Robert Ford's investigation when he was a Sergeant in Internal Affairs Division was "biased, unfair and slanted investigation" against Campbell.

The remainder of the letter is also strongly worded and lays out other accusations as well as demanding an independent investigation by an outside agency such as the Connecticut State Police. The letter is posted below.

HPD Rashim Campbell Letter


I spoke with members of the City of Hartford Firearms Review Board last night and asked them if the Pawtucket Street shooting video influenced their decision making when they decided that the shooting was proper.

I received several blank stares and then angry comments as to "what video?". Apparently the video was withheld from the civilians on the Board and they were unaware of its existence. They stated that they are supposed to decide whether a shooting is justified or not based upon the facts, yet they were not given all of the facts.

This could also pose a problem on another front. At least three people that were part of the conversation are also members of the panel involved with the Cintron-Vaughn consent decree which still hangs over the head of HPD. They stated that they would be calling for a meeting next week to discuss these issues, particularly IAD issues which they believe are in violation of the Federal Court order


Much of this story has come out in bits and pieces, and much more will come out the same way as information is verified. I will eventually try to lay the whole story out so that even those not familiar with the "Police politics" and the players can follow and understand.

In the meantime, I received several calls yesterday afternoon regarding the letter from Attorney Bart Halloran to Mayor Segarra that was posted yesterday. In that letter it mentions the IAD investigations into several members of the Department, including the Chief of Police, Daryl. K. Roberts.

Since that posting has not been restored yet, I am reposting the letter here as well as Mayor Segarra's comments:



(May 12, 2011) --- Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra issued this statement today regarding the Hartford Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division:

“I have already met with Police Chief Daryl Roberts and have directed him to order an immediate independent review of the IAD. As matters continue to unfold, I reserve my right to take additional action to preserve the integrity, trust, and public safety of the community.”

N Brooks Atty Letter

I hadn't heard the Chief mentioned as a target of any investigations, other than the fact that he was in charge.

Apparently the IAD investigation into the Pawtucket Street shooting was leading towards involvement by the Chief and his actions the night of the shooting.

On the night of the Pawtucket Street shooting the officers involved were removed from the shooting scene and taken to the Hartford Police Union office at 20 Sargent Street in Hartford. Former Union President Richard Rodriguez and at the time Vice President Richard Holton as well as others were in the Union Office (Holton has since been elected as Union President to replace Rodriguez).

For some reason former Mayor Eddie Perez and Chief Roberts were also in attendance at the union office. The videographer who had been filming a documentary with the officers involved in the shooting, Jeffrey Teitler, was also in the Union office. From what sources are telling me, Lieutenant Scott Sansom,(now Deputy Chief Sansom} who was the commander of the Intelligence Division at the time was also present.

After the shooting, sources have told me that Sansom secured Teitler's video camera in the trunk of his unmarked cruiser. Once the State Police took over the investigation, the video contained on the "v-card" in Teitler's camera became a critical part of evidence for the investigation. A "v-card" is similar to a flash drive and stores the video rather than using a video tape. The "v-card" plugs into a slot on the camera.

At some point during the evening, from what sources are telling me, a conversation took place between Chief Roberts, former Mayor Perez and Union President Rich Rodriguez. Subsequent to that conversation, Rodriguez and Teitler left the Union Office, along with the "v-card". It is not known yet exactly what the conversation was or why the "critical evidence" contained on the "v-card " left the Union Office.

Apparently that was an issue with State Police investigators and again, from what several sources are telling me, the "v-card" only reappeared after Rodriguez was threatened with arrest for interfering with the investigation.

The investigation seemed to have been sitting around for a while, but after Sgt. Rodriguez lost his bid for re-election, he had to go back to regular duty. That created a problem because Chief Roberts apparently wanted to assign him to IAD as an investigator. Since the Pawtucket Street investigation was still open, it had to be completed and closed out.

Chief Robert's, according to sources, ordered Lt. Brooks to complete the investigation

It seems that was the direction that the investigation was going when former Lt. Sansom, now Deputy Chief Sansom and Chief Roberts were apparently drawn into the investigation.

Sansom, as commander of the Intelligence Division was also the direct supervisor for several of the officers involved in the shooting incident and clearly pictured on the video.

The picture keeps becoming clearer as more information comes out, but it seems pretty clear already that IAD was not a welcome addition in the Chief's Complex when looking into an incident like the Pawtucket Street shooting.

Hopefully the "immediate independent investigation" ordered today by Mayor Segarra will continue down the path to the truth that it seems like Lt. Brooks and his investigators were headed down


The blog has been down for the last 24 hours, but there was no conspiracy.

Blogger, which is run by Google as "" apparently had server issues for all of the blogs they host after a recent update. Eventually they had to rollback to Wednesday morning and are now in the process of restoring those posts.

In the meantime, everything seems to be up and running again.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Sources are telling me that a letter has been delivered to Mayor Segarra today from the attorneys for Lieutenant Neville Brooks requesting an outside investigation into actions at the Hartford Police Department, specifically the Internal Affairs Division.

According to the sources, shortly after the letter was received, Chief Daryl K. Roberts was summoned to the Mayor's Office.

Numerous issues have been raised here on the blog as well as numerous comments calling for an outside investigation.

This afternoon Mayor Segarra ordered Chief Roberts to initiate an "immediate independent review" into the IAD matter.

Here is Mayor Segarra's statement:

(May 12, 2011) --- Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra issued this statement today regarding the Hartford Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division:

“I have already met with Police Chief Daryl Roberts and have directed him to order an immediate independent review of the IAD. As matters continue to unfold, I reserve my right to take additional action to preserve the integrity, trust, and public safety of the community.”

Please keep posting details here, or contact me personally if you feel more comfortable with that. Shining light on these things does make a difference.

Below is the letter from Lieutenant Brooks' attorney to Mayor Segarra requesting the outside investigation:

N Brooks Atty Letter


It seems that the Superintendent of Schools in Shelton,Connecticut Freeman Burr, who has apparently dug his heels in regarding the James Tate prom ordeal was previously at the Hartford Board of Education as their "Human Resources Executive".

I knew there had to be a tie to Hartford, it's just too crazy to make sense.

Thanks to the poster who brought it to light.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It seems like the hornet's nest at the Hartford Police Department continues to be poked, and plenty of people are willing to talk about it.

Last night a comment was posted by someone who claimed to be a juror in the Rashim Campbell case. I asked them to get in touch with me and tonight they did. Another juror has apparently also posted a comment here on the blog.

It continues to amaze me the following this blog has developed and who is actually reading.

The juror who called had some very interesting information to relay. The two biggest factors in Rashim Campbell's acquittal were that, according to the juror, the Prosecution didn't do their job and that the IAD investigator was not credible.

The juror was very candid and didn't avoid any of the questions I asked. Apparently the feeling was unanimous when they entered the jurors room, but Lieutenant Ford started off on the wrong foot right from the start. Now keep in mind that these jurors really didn't know the facts of the case other than what was presented in the court room. They didn't know the police officers, they didn't know the alleged victim Michael Stewart and they definitely had never heard of IAD Sergeant Rob Ford.

I guess the recently promoted Lieutenant Ford had tried to impress the jurors with his introduction, but that apparently backfired big time. In his introduction, Lt. Ford informed the jurors that he was the newly promoted Lieutenant for the Blue Hills area of the City and proudly told the jurors "If you have any problems in Blue Hills, call me ".

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. The juror who called me said that almost all of the jurors felt as though they were being offered a bribe by Lt. Ford. They also said that he seemed to need his notes to be able to testify and that raised questions. For whatever reason, they also felt that Ford's promotion might have been a reward for the Campbell investigation.

That one took me by surprise, because keep in mind, the jury had no knowledge of the politics or the players that seem to be coming to the surface recently.

The other part that surprised me, was that the jurors thought the prosecution didn't do their job. Apparently the general consensus was that the facts hadn't been laid out and even the video didn't support the assault allegations and looked more like reasonable force to get the situation under control.

During the conversation I was asked why they would put a new prosecutor in charge of this case. The juror was very surprised to find out that the prosecutor was actually Hartford County States Attorney Gail Hardy and was not a brand new prosecutor.

In the end, it seemed like a pretty clear decision for the jurors and apparently the perceived credibility of Lt. Ford played a large role.A unanimous not guilty verdict was reached in less than an hour.

Another juror posted their thoughts on the trial under the posting "Officer Rashim Campbell...not guilty on all counts"

In the meantime, several police sources are telling me that the calls for an outside investigation into the Hartford Police Department are mounting. Requests are being prepared for investigations into the removal of Lt. Brooks as well as potentially false information fabricated for the Rashim Campbell arrest warrant application as well as potential complaints against Lieutenant Ford.

This can prove to be an interesting situation for Mayor Pedro Segarra and how he approaches these problems in an election year. This one has the potential to blow up into a major problem and seems to be getting worse by the day.

Keep those calls coming.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sometimes it seems like we have become immune to things that affect young people and how decisions can change their lives.

I usually focus on Hartford issues, but luckily this is one idiotic decision that we don't have to take blame for.

It seems that a student at Shelton High School, James Tate, came up with a creative way to ask for a prom date. He had the audacity to cut out large paper letters and tape them to the front of Shelton High School asking "SONALI RODRIGUES, WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? HMU, TATE" . For those not familiar with the texting lingo, "HMU" is nothing improper, it means "hit me up".

For being creative, the headmaster of the school has suspended Tate and revoked his right to go to the Prom. It wasn't graffiti done with spray paint and there was no damage done to the building. And I would even imagine that Sonali felt pretty special when she arrived at school Friday morning and saw the invitation.

Sonali promptly said yes.

This is absurd that Tate was punished to this extreme and the Headmaster should be ashamed for her actions.The headmaster, Dr. Beth Smith, can be reached at 203-922-3004 ext. 512 or by e-mail by clicking here

Something as important as the prom could also be disastrous when yanked away like this. In a city like Hartford plagued with youth violence and under performing students, I would hope that any Hartford educator would have handled a creative move like this in a much more positive manner.

Call or e-mail Doctor Smith and let her know what you think. I guess it goes to show that some people like Dr. Smith can be educated, but common sense can't be taught.

Good job Tate, and Somali should be fortunate to have a date with a young man that can be creative and respectful.

A facebook page has also been created "Let James Tate Go to the Prom"

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hartford Police Officer Rashim Campbell, who was arrested and terminated last year after being accused of assaulting a prisoner, was found not guilty today by a Superior Court Jury.

Closing arguments took place this morning and the jury was given the case after lunch. It took a little over two hurs for the jury to return with their not guilty verdict.