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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


This is probably nothing to joke about, but these are the same people that are terrorizing the world with threats of Nuclear war? And we think we have problems?


Usually community service through the Hartford Community Court is pretty tedious, picking up trash, cleaning graffiti, etc.

Today that community service took a turn for a few  underage drinkers who had been summonsed at the recent Florida Georgia Line Concert at the Xfinity Theater.  The minors had been ticketed for underage drinking.

As part of their arrest and Community Court appearances, the underage drinkers had been assigned to litter detail cleaning up Hartford's Keney Park.

 A source familiar with the incident said that the underage drinkers were cleaning litter from a trail in the Park when they discovered the body of Hartford's latest homicide victim.

Hartford Police were immediately notified and the homicide investigation began and the violators suddenly became witnesses to a homicide scene.

The injuries were reportedly quite gruesome and will probably have a lasting impression on the minors


Media outlets in Hartford are running a story this evening that makes it appear as though some great journalistic work has uncovered additional details in the arrest of a Hartford Police Detective this past weekend.

The fact of the matter is that details of racial and ethnic comments made by that officer only came to light after an e-mail was sent to several "community partners", myself included.

The e-mail was sent by Deputy Chief Brian Foley Tuesday evening at 9:01PM  and is  in the HPD's continuing efforts at transparency and building and maintaining the public's trust.

I think it is important to give credit to Chief Rovella and Deputy Chief Foley and all officers at HPD that are part of that effort.

So to be honest, it is not some great journalism, but more a great effort at continuing community relations by HPD.

Foley Email by on Scribd


And just when you thought Hartford couldn't go much lower, here they go. With little fanfare or public discussion, some may call it transparency, the Hartford Parking Authority is beginning  a new program as of September 1, 2017 stating that they will no longer recognize Handicap Parking permits for parking exemptions. Other than discussions from concerned residents on Facebook, there seems to be little attempt to advise the public of the changes..

The Parking Authority has the following statement on their website:

To reduce abuse of accessible parking spaces, starting on September 1, 2017, HPA will no longer allow free on-street, metered parking for motorists displaying accessible parking permits intended for people with disabilities.
In the downtown area, one out of six cars in a metered space currently displays an accessible parking permit, indicating there is a significant amount of permit abuse. This means that those truly in need must overcome the challenge and frustration of not being able to access parking in close proximity to the places they frequent.
HPA ensures that our newest technology parking meters and our new “Woonerf” parking app will provide a useful and convenient means for lawful accessible parking permit holders to pay for parking.

Now I will be the first one to admit that there is definitely widespread abuse in the Handicap Parking permits.Doctor's seem to give them out like candy and  I am sure we all know someone who has kept a permit from a dead relative to be able to  grab a coveted parking space marked with the blue wheelchair at Walmart or the mall. I am a little unsure of the Hartford Parking authorities claim that one out of six cars parked in a metered space downtown is occupied by a fraudulent handicap permit holder, that seems a little excessive.

Regardless, is it right to penalize disabled persons who legitimately use their permits to park instead of targeting the frauds? Maybe , just maybe, if we can find grant money to pursue drivers with a cell phone to their ear, can't we do the same for the more despicable drivers who are willing to capitalize on disabled persons to beat the City out of a few dollars?

There is also an issue of whether the parking kiosk's comply with the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) and that needs to be thoroughly addressed also. Private business owners are forced to comply with ADA regulations everyday for everything from bathrooms to fire pull station heights., so shouldn't the government and the Hartford Parking Authority be held to the same standard.

This is a quick posting to get the word out on this policy before it is implemented, but I will  be requesting additional information from the HPA through a Freedom of Information request and I will post that information here when the HPA complies. Calls requesting comment from the HPA have not been returned at this point.