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Saturday, September 5, 2015


According to sources within the Hartford Police Department the DONO  Development area, future home of the Yard Goats, has already become a "feeding ground" for crime. This description was in an internal memo outlining recent crimes that have taken lace at the development site, obtained by "We the People"

If Mayor Segarra can't even secure a construction site, how does he plan to ensure the safety of those coming into Hartford to attend the new stadium?


Mayor Pedro Segarra was a no show at Thursday nights candidates forum on education issues. The Mayor stated he had a "scheduling conflict" and couldn't attend. Maybe he was too busy comforting the families of homicide victims, it has been a busy week. again,on the violent crime front.

Watch the forum below, minus Pedro Segarra

Thursday, September 3, 2015



A reward in the amount of $5,000 is being offered for information directly leading to the capture of wanted felon, Aaron Taylor.
The Hartford Police Department has information that Aaron Taylor; a suspect wanted for at least two shootings in Hartford, has returned and is active in the region. Detectives had information that Taylor was out of the State. However, recent information is that Taylor is in the Hartford Region.
Aaron Taylor, 12/17/89, of Windsor CT has active arrest warrants for two shootings that occurred on May 24, 2015.The first, at 932 Capital Avenue, where he is to have allegedly shot Pastor Augustus Sealy. Minutes later he was at 402 Garden St. where he allegedly shot Robert Jones.  He is currently charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Assault in the First Degree in both cases. The warrant carries a 1.35 million dollar judge set bond. Taylor operated a black Nissan Maxima in these incidents although the marker plate is not known at this time. He is a convicted felon with several previous firearm offenses. Use caution with Taylor as the firearm in this incident has NOT been recovered, and he has extremely violent tendencies. Please do not approach him.
If you have information regarding his whereabouts, please do not hesitate to call police. Immediate and active information should be handled with a 911 call. General information should be directed to the Hartford Police Department, Lieutenant Bandon O’Brien at (860) 757-4089.
Anonymous tips can be left at


Mayor Pedro Segarra gave a long winded explanation to the Courant's editorial board about his nepotism  policy and everything he does to enforce it. Apparently Terry Waller slipped his mind.

And now today, another interesting revelation. Apparently the Hartford Police Cadet arrested for shoplifting this week at Walmart is a product of nepotism herself. read the details here 

The cadet, Janice Sierra is reported to be the daughter of Fire Chief  Carlos Huertas's personal secretary, Janice Rodriguez.. It is unclear if HPD was made aware of the connection before hiring Sierra.

At the very least it appears to be a direct conflict to what Pedro told the editors. Are we surprised?

Oh, and Pedro, if it helps, here is the official definition of nepotism from Webster's: noun nep·o·tism \ˈne-pə-ˌti-zəm\
: the unfair practice by a powerful person of giving jobs and other favors to relatives


The Jamaica Progressive League
Hartford Chapter
And it’s members
Invites you to meet & greet the
Endorsed Democratic Team on Row A!!!
Friday, September 4, 2015
1118-1120 Albany Ave.
 Hartford, CT 06112


Yesterday after watching the Courant's Editorial Board interview both Mayoral candidates, both Tom Condon and Peter Pach asked Bronin and Segarra how they would grow and retain jobs in Hartford. Good questions. Aside from crime,lack of jobs are one of Hartford's number  biggest problems.

Well, the irony of how things work out. My mother received her renewal bill on Tuesday for her Courant subscription . As a senior citizen, $229.12 every six months was too much for her budget to receive a newspaper. She also gets the Journal Inquirer every afternoon , and the JI is more of a "local paper" for her. It gives her much more of the Windsor Locks/Suffield/Enfield news that she is looking for.

I called the 860-525-2525 number on the bill trying to get a better price or see if they offered a senior discount. After going through automated attendant hell, press one for this, press two for that, I finally got a live person. Communication was difficult because of the operators accent,  but we stumbled through. In the end they offered a discount of about $4.00 off every six months.

At the end of the conversation I asked the operator if she was in Hartford. "Oh no, I am in the Philippine's" was her response.

Now I understand business. I know that offshore labor is much cheaper than paying US residents. The benefits are probably non existent as well as the taxes saved by not hiring local. But that is not how you "create and retain jobs" by going to the Philippine's. It would probably only be a handful of jobs to staff a call center in Hartford, but every little bit counts.

I also fully understand this is not a decision being made on Broad Street. In today's corporate world it is all about money and the bottom line, not about American citizens making a decent living and surviving. It s time we start thinking about putting the pressure on US Corporations to support the communities that support them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


On September 1, 2015, at 5:18 Pm, Hartford Police Department Patrol Officers responded to the area of 37 Bushnell Street in response to an anonymous complaint of an individual suffering from a possible narcotics overdose.  Upon arrival, HPD Patrol Officers observed the individual inside a vehicle, unresponsive and appeared to be in medical distress.  The individual was removed from the vehicle by EMS personnel and transported by ambulance to Hartford Hospital.  The individual later regained consciousness and was listed in stable condition.  At the incident location, responding HPD Officers observed packaged Heroin and drug paraphernalia in plain view within the passenger compartment of the open vehicle.  As Officers began to retrieve the illegal contraband, a firearm was observed protruding from an area between the drivers and passenger front seats of the vehicle.  The firearm retrieved was found to be an unloaded, black Smith & Wesson model SD9VE handgun.  The Hartford Shooting Task Force was notified and responded to the scene.  The individual upon regaining consciousness was placed under arrest and charged with various Narcotic and Firearm charges. The arrested individual, later identified as Mathew Ruhnke, 31, of Petal, MI was transported to the Hartford Booking facility to be processed. 



Black, Smith & Wesson, model SD9VE

Four sleeves of packaged Heroin (stamped with a black unreadable stamp)

Numerous empty sleeves

One hypodermic needle


Arrested: Mathew Ruhnke, 31, of Petal, MI 


1.      Possession of Narcotics

2.      Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

3.      Carrying a pistol without a permit

4.      Weapons in a motor vehicle


The Hartford Courant Editorial Board, Tom Condon, Peter Pach and Carolyn Lumsden, conducted interviews with Mayoral Candidates Pedro Segarra and Luke Bronin as a precursor for their endorsement. The interviews were recorded by CT-N, the Connecticut Network. I'll leave the editorials on this to the editors, but take a view and make your own decisions Who is believable and who shows the best vision to be Hartford's next leader? Feel free to post your comments here.




We keep hearing about jobs, jobs, jobs for Hartford residents. I agree with hiring qualified Hartford residents, but I am not sure they understand the responsibility they accept when they are hired for these jobs.

One of the programs intended to provide a career ladder for Hartford residents is the Cadet Program at the Hartford Police Department. This is an excellent program to develop Hartford youth  for careers as Hartford Police Officers, or at least it is supposed to be.

Last night one of those Cadets was arrested for shoplifting at the the Hartford Walmart, not a stellar start for a career in law enforcement.

Details below, direct from the HPD Arrest log. She was released on a written Promise to Appear in Court



Addr: 417 ZION ST A/B Hgt: 5'04 Wgt:145 Hair:BLACK STRAIGHT

HARTFORD,CT MF#:A142260 Arrest #:7148200 Case #:15-027525


Arrest Date: 09/01/15 19:04 Location:495 FLATBUSH AV

Release Date:09/01/15 23:59 WPTA




Yes, I am disappointed. The news by the Segarra Campaign that Sarah and Luke Bronin had allegedly concocted a scheme several years ago to get Sarah onto the Hartford Zoning Board. The plan, according to Segarra was devised to launch Bronin into the Mayor's Office, beginning with his wife's service to the people of Hartford.Yes, I am disappointed that this is the best Pedro Segarra could do..I am disappointed that an incumbent Mayor has so few accomplishments of his own , that he has to drag Sarah Bronin into the campaign. I am disappointed that Pedro attempted to undermine one of Hartford's brightest minds, as well as a very nice and genuine person, to try to boost his own image.

Sarah Bronin has proven herself in her own career as a very intelligent and capable professional. Any Mayor throughout this state would welcome the service of someone like Sarah to volunteer on a board or commission.Only a fool would call her service into question. Yes Pedro, I am calling you a fool.

I am also disappointed by Segarra's campaign dragging the Bronin children into the fray. The choice by the Bronin's to send their children to a private school was raised by Pedro's people. Why? Is that the best they can do? Is their anyone in their right mind that won't admit Hartford's Schools are far from where thy should be? I will give Segarra a few points here and say there has been some improvement under the current leadership, but the bar was very low to begin with. I think Superintendent Navarro has made improvements, but I think it is more about her leadership than it has anything to do with Pedro Segarra.

Any parent , the Bronin's included, I am sure want the best for their children to see them succeed for the future. To use their children as political pawns and put them in a Hartford School, when they know there is a much better option available to them, would be wrong. It might sell newspapers or make for a sensational blog posting by critics, but what parent could take the less than best choice for their Children?

It might be easy for a candidate without children to criticize the Bronin's choice of school, but I doubt there are many parents that would choose the less successful option if available.

We all want the best for the people we love and care about, and no one should be faulted for making the tough choice and doing what's best .I am pretty confident, if Pedro had children, they would leave the security of his Prospect Avenue compound , drive through the secured iron gates and their driver would  head to their private school. I doubt any of Pedro's hypothetical kids would be breathing PCB's at Clark School, even if it was politically correct. Although with his decision making, you never know( especially if it was an election year)

Yes, I am disappointed. Disappointed that our incumbent Mayor has so little of his own accomplishments that he has to raise these nonsensical smoke screens. I for one would welcome a Mayor who instead of putting caviar and champagne first, would put the future of his children first, regardless of the press coverage. I would welcome  Mayor  whose wife has the knowledge and experience to better our City and its neighborhoods with her service.

Pedro, if only your new handlers had arrived five years ago and coached you how to be a leader and a Mayor then, you might actually have a decent track record for your campaign, instead of the garbage you are dumping on us now

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


TRAFFIC ADVISORY From the Hartford Police Department Traffic Division Tuesday, September 1, 2015
(Hartford, CT.) – The Hartford Police Department Traffic Division will conduct a DUI Enforcement Checkpoint on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., in the area of Vine Street and Edgewood Street.
This checkpoint is part of the Hartford Police Department’s ongoing expanded DUI enforcement program supervised by the HPD’s Traffic Division and funded through a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation DUI Enforcement Program.
For the most up to date traffic information visit the State of Connecticut interactive traffic map including statewide traffic cameras.
The Hartford Police Department encourages you to protect your vehicle and belongings by "putting your junk in your trunk." Click here to view car break prevention tips from the HPD.