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Friday, October 11, 2019


This is definitely a bizarre story. What makes it even more bizarre is how this has been handled from the start by the HPD Administration and Interim Police Chief Jason Thody. Read the attached Internal Affairs reports and you will probably be asking yourself "why was this Officer allowed to remain on duty after the first incident?".

Is it another example of the "good old boy network" that many still believe exists within HPD? Why was Officer Joven Gonzalez able to be involved in what the IAD investigator called an "ON-duty Domestic incident" and still remain on duty and not be suspended and his police powers, department weapon and badge be confiscated. Instead Gonzalez was able to remain on duty and keep his weapon, only to use that same weapon to pistol whip and seriously injure his victim  in a hotel room he had rented for his juvenile sex partner.

There are many good men and women serving the City of Hartford as Police Officer's and the Administration needs to deal with the bad apples promptly instead of coddling them to discredit HPD repeatedly.

Another issue, detailed in the IAD reports, is the question of why The Hartford County States Attorney Gail Hardy and retired HPD Deputy Chief, now Hartford County States  Attorney Inspector Emory Hightower refused to pursue Criminal Charges against Joven Gonzalez when requested by Bloomfield PD. Instead Hightower declined and punted the  matter to HPD to handle internally. More of the "good Old Boy" protection network.

Efforts should already be underway to terminate Gonzalez and the paperwork should already be in the works to decertify Gonzalez through POSTC (Police Officers Standards and Training Council) for his documented lies in his official capacity and falsifying records.

Joven Gonzalez I-File #1  on Scribd