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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Anyone looking to view the City of Hartford's latest crime statistics can't do it on the HPD website. It seems that the last date crime stats have been updated was April 18, 2009 ( I wonder if this is the result of staff cutting measures by the administration of the dishonorable Mayor Eddie A. Perez or another effort at the "transparency" Perez keeps mentioning. Also, it seems rather odd that as violence continues to make the headlines every day, two lines that have been in the "Compstat Reports" for years have now been removed in the on-line versions posted on HPD's website. The two lines that showed the number of shooting incidents and shooting victims can no longer be viewed by the public in the on-line reports, as outdated as they are.

I can see why King Eddie wouldn't want those numbers available to the public, what with six people shot in a half hour period last weekend and another homicide last night, the citywide numbers can't be flattering to his administration.

Like everything else that is wrong in Hartford, I'm sure Perez can find a way to blame it on the State of Connecticut. Shootings? all the State's fault for not supervising released criminals. Failing schools? all the State's fault for not giving us more money than they already do for our dysfunctional school system. Out of Control spending and budget deficits? all the State's fault for not sending more money Eddie's way to mismanage than they already do (almost $100,000,000 more than our other large cities)

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James said...

Remember when the Chief said Hartford is losing it's moral compass and the next day he backtracked his words? I'm sure Chief Roberts would love to show us the truth so people can focus on reform vs sifting through the lies Eddie feeds us. Sadly the Police Chief answers to a criminal and I suspect Eddie tells him not to post the stats when they make Hartford look like Bagdad.