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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Councilwoman Veronica Airey-Wilson, Republican, will be making her next appearance at Hartford Superior Court to answer her corruption arrest on September 24, 2010 at 10:00am. It is expected that she will accept or reject a plea deal offered by the State at that time.

Abe Giles, also arrested as a result of the Perez Corruption Investigation is scheduled to appear next in court on October 20, 2010 at 10:00am


Anonymous said...

"It is expected that she will accept or reject a plea deal..."

Rocket Scientist in Training


In case you didn't understand, most people aren't aware that a deal is even on the table.

What is the address of your blog so I can check out the high standards you use and try to rise up to that?

peter brush said...

I would think that ABe or Veronica might be hired by CREC to consult on how best to avoid the idiotic rjo/living wage crusade. Is there not some relative of hers who might be employable? Maybe she could be given a used bus.
Elected officials, school bus drivers, and monitors are alarmed that transportation vendors subcontracted to the city of Hartford are circumventing living wage laws, evading local property taxes, and risking student safety. Court of Common Council President rJo Winch has called for a sweeping investigation of contracts approved under former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez involving a regional education service provider and companies with the worst safety records in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...
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peter brush said...

Many Garcias, anonymousita, for the advice about West Indians. Pero, what have you to say about "living" wages? How about we agitate with the non-biting council folks to get rid of the stupid ordinance?

Anonymous said...

Papa -

En estas epocas $10 la hora para una familia es esclavidid.

Sr. Rubenstein,

please Translate.

peter brush said...

$10 la hora para una familia es esclavidid.
Bueno. What $/hora is not slavery? And, don't las familias here in Htfd. pay taxes? Why not pay wages on city contracts that are determined by the market? What, we need a bunch of doctoras and their hair dressers, seamstresses, and nail trimmers installed in the bureaucracy to count beans, harass business?

peter brush said...

Man Critical After Hartford Shooting,0,224231.story
He has a right to complain.

Bruce RUbenstein said... your real name and then we will verify it and then I will translate

Ana said...

I think it's time for Kevin to check the IP address of the anonymous poster b/c most of his/her posts seem to be veiled threats. If I'm not mistaken, "threatening" is a misdemeanor offense.