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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I still receive regular calls asking me how Sarah Barr still has a job at Hartford City Hall. Until today, all I could tell people was that I was as confused as they were. Common sense would say that the spokesperson and the face associated with a corrupt, criminal Perez Administration would have been shown the exit at City Hall quickly if a fresh start was really happening.

After all, Barr was the one who was credited with creating the "Gospel of Perez" that taught Perez's staffers the fine art of spinning and embellishing the truth. The "Gospel" was all about the message, forget about the truth. Barr was also the one standing by Perez manipulating the media as Perez faced the Grand Jury and had his home searched by authorities. She was also there as arrest number one took place and there again during arrest number two. She was there at the prayer vigils and Function Room pep-rallies and she was there putting name tags on all the Council Chamber chairs reserving them for Perez Cheerleaders at the State of the City addresses.

I thought that would be a no-brainer for Mayor Segarra, Barr would be out the door. Especially since Segarra seems to have no problem handling the media on his own, and the speeches seem to come from the heart rather than from a script as was the Perez style. And whether those speeches were written upwards, backwards or right to left to account for the "dyslexia defense", there is no doubt Barr was the Perez mouthpiece. And if budget cuts were really needed , Barr's $80,000 or $90,000 plus salary would be a good start.

All those thoughts went out the window today when I realized Sara Barr's true value to the people of the City of Hartford and restoring our image as a thoughtfully run City. Just when you think Hartford is a laughing stock and can't do anything right, Sara Barr steps forward and earns every penny that the taxpayers of Hartford have paid her since she lost her job at Channel 3.

Anyone who has followed the debacle of this years "Festival of Light" must have seen that Hartford appeared to be a huge disappointment to countless children and adults. Many of them families who ventured into Hartford last Friday for a spectacular holiday event. The only problem was that those who ventured in were left in dismay after the switch was flipped, and what to their wondering eyes did appear,...... but an artificial tree lit in the middle of Bushnell Park.

Luckily for us, all the disappointment has now been forgotten by one little media statement from the Barr spin machine......"WE DID IT FOR THE SQUIRRELS". Yes you read that right, the lack of the 250,000 twinkling lights promised before the event apparently happened out of consideration for Bushnell Parks wildlife. Lights require wires. Wires carry electricity. Squirrels eat wires. Birds land in trees. Trees have lights, the same lights with wires that carry the electricity that the squirrels might eat and, as the Barr theory goes, birds could get electrocuted as they land on those wires that carry the electricity that the squirrels eat.

Brilliant, brilliant...absolutely brilliant. It is so bizarre that people will have to believe that. And tell me what suburbanite wouldn't be willing to overlook the original failure and give Hartford a second (or maybe even third, fourth, fifth or more) chance. Consider the alternative, the poor little squirrel falling from the tree, smoking nuts and all after eating the wrong wire before the bird could land and electrocuting himself. This might be a good time for the "chestnuts roasting" joke, but I will choose not to.

So anyways, back to Barr. For a city that seems to have a severe credibility issue on just about every front, why would we even think of using the truth when the absurd will do just fine. Why would anyone admit "we screwed up, we underestimated what the public expected" when you can tell people "we did it for the squirrels".

From what my City Hall sources tell me , Barr will next take over media efforts for the Hartford Police Department. Tell me I'm crazy but her next effort is also brilliant. Those same visitors to the City who were disappointed by the "Festival of non-Lights" also seem to have serious concerns about Hartford's gun violence. Barr's latest effort will kill two birds with one stone. That might not be the right choice of words if we are concerned about electrocuting birds on the lights, but I'm not as good at the spin as Barr is.

Anyway, the new plan like I said is brilliant. Barr has apparently instructed the Hartford Police Department to immediately cease referring to anyone taking a bullet as a "shooting victim". Instead, according to her directive fresh out of the Mayor's Office, from this point forward any one shot in Hartford is to be referred to as "suffering from a severe case of lead poisoning". Like I said before, absolutely brilliant. Shooting victim scares people, "suffering from a severe case of lead poisoning" should change everything, it worked with the squirrels.

If they fell for it with the "doing it for the squirrels" defense, why wouldn't they buy it with the "lead poisoning" defense, hopefully it will work much better than the "dyslexia" defense, I guess two out of three ain't bad.

Keep it up Sarah, these fools will never see through the smoke and mirrors.

P.S., it also gives me a reason to re-use the lovely pic above. Many people asked me where I got that pic from and in all honesty the photographer who took it recently passed away. I'll never forget how the photographer loved seeing me use the pic and was proud of the naturalness and quality as opposed to the "staged" photos he seemed to dislike. Brian Libert was never seen without his camera and loved clicking away, many pics were flattering and many were not, but they always seemed to capture the true essence of his subjects personality. Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

are you joking about the squirrels? are you joking about referring to shooting victims as "lead poisoning" victims from now on? this can't be real, please clarify.

Honest Abe said...

This administration is as corrupt and fked up as the last. Here we have a new Mayor who was appointed by Perez and shared many of the same friends in City Hall as Perez.That is why Pedro didnt fire many people,except those he had too.Also Pedro was a faithful member of Perez's "team for many years,until he started asking questions..and then Pedro started having trouble about the fence on his husband's house.Of course when Perdro's brother was fired,that got Pedro mad enough at Eddie that he started to fight him.

Pedro hasnt "turned the page enough" for many of us and wont.He hugged Perez recently at the "state of education" speech and extolled "the virtues of Perez" in a speech,in front of everyone.Also Pedro has been silent as a churchmouse when Perez,Hennessey and Rose got soft landing Hartford funded jobs.

Wake up citizens, we have been played.

Anonymous said...

Honest Abe, you are absolutely right. Pedro is just a slicker smarter version of Eddie. I'm not saying he's an outright crook like Eddie was but he's from the same political mold.

He's only fired people he had personal conflicts with not what was best for the city. Don't forget his response when Corporation Council members were being charged with contempt of the court recently. "I had no knowledge of this." Sure you didn't. Well Pedro now you do have knowledge of it, so what the hell do you plan to do about it? NOTHING of course.

He's a joke and needs to be voted out next election and trust me he will run. He didn't weasel his way out of order to be council president during his predecessors trial just to run the city for 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Barr has a tough first assignment for the Police Dept. She needs to explain why the Chief of Police ended up getting driven to the hospital by his buddy at 2:30 in the morning on Saturday night, and has taken the week off because of 17 stitches above his eye and scratches on his neck. Kevin have you FOI'ed Windsor police dispatch records for call for service at certain addresses???

S the Coward

Anonymous said...

It's just a matter of time before we read about Roberts being arrested for domestic violence. Windsor can only help him out so far.

Anonymous said...

let me guess.. hmmmm. He fell and hit his head, in the parlor, with Colonel Mustard. I wonder what excuse he will tell the mayor. lol!

Anonymous said...

The woman is coo coo. Lost all faith in the new mayor when he didn't get rid of her as his first act. Now I suppose we will be paying her for the rest of her life too.

Yeah the birds and wildlife, what does this city care about them when they cut down or kill perfectly good trees. One lone artifical tree in the park is a good picture of what the whole bang of them in city hall are really.

Biscuit King said...

She looks like she could chew on a few wires.