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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hartford Police have obtained arrest warrants for Capital Felony Murder charges related to the New Years Day homicides.

The wanted flyer for Angel Rivera is attached below.

Wanted Info Flyer 2009 1

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peter brush said...

Medina allegedly banged on his ex-girlfriend's front door Saturday afternoon, yelling that she was the reason he had shot and killed two men on Francis Avenue early that morning, according to police incident reports.
Right; the sixteen year old "girl friend" is to blame.
Roldan has revised the bill to apply to sex offenders who have sexually assaulted a minor. The original bill banned all sex offenders — regardless of the specific crime — from living within 2,000 feet of a school. Because there are so many schools in Hartford, it would have been virtually impossible for offenders to live there.,0,3488262.story
Roldan initial proposal superior. While he's at it, why not prohibit anyone convicted of any violent crime from living near a school, library or park? Oh, wait, that would make it impossible for them to live in town at all; can't do that.