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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Apparently Hartford's Legislative delegation is finally showing some unity for an important cause. 5th District Representative Marie Kirkley-Bey has scheduled a meeting for today at the Legislative Office Building to find out more regarding the selection process for the new Superintendent as well as justification for over $2.7 million in bonuese handed out by Adamowski.

Here is the text of the e-mail sent out by Kirkley-Bey's Office today:

There will be a Hartford Delegation meeting held this Thursday, March 3rd, at 4pm in Hearing Room 1A. This meeting will be with the Hartford City Council, the Hartford Board of Education and Mayor Segerra to discuss the BOE Superintendent Search and the raises given recently by the BOE to administrators and staff.

Someone might advise the Hartford City Council that they have the same authority to conduct hearings and shed some light on the situation also.

It will be interesting to see if Representative Roldan and Senator Fonfara attend the meeting since they didn't sign the delegations letter to the Board members. Roldan is also an employee of the Board of Education and served on the selection committee for Adamowski's appointment.

And can anyone spell the Mayor's name correctly? It is S-E-G-A-R-R-A.


peter brush said...

What? Won't Andrea Johnson, union boss, be there?

Anonymous said...

So What !! Its to late now . What are you going to do fire Adamowski ? And then the BOE replaced him with Kishimoto who assistd in passing out the Bonuses!
What a Joke! The teachers and Principals at least were part of raising student performance and worthy of some type of compensation (although not the best time during a financial crisis). The bonuses to the 100 inter office staff was outright criminal!!

Anonymous said...

From Mr Brookman we now know of at least 2 of the 13 members of the Selection Committee who appear to have been compromised and corrupted for their vote for Kishimoto.In addition,the impression was that the fix was in from the beginning as Kishimoto was a close clone of Adamowski and friend of former Mayor Perez who is still very much behind the scenes of the BOE.Mayor Segarra could have used his strong Mayor power to fire the 5 BOE appointments, since they serve at his pleasure,but didn't.Boucher who chairs the Education Committee could have attempted to monitor the selection process,but didnt.What makes anyone think that the Senators and Representatives will do anything since they have no power of oversight of BOE matters?

Anonymous said...

Please.... Kirkley-Bey, Actually Doing What ? , Investigate !!!


Anonymous said...

How long before Kelvin becomes a morally upright turncoat (for the moment) and returns his bonus?

Anonymous said...

Kelvin can't return any bonus until Eddie's legal fees are all paid for, dummy! Do you really think he was able to keep all those salaries Eddie got him over the past eight years??? Being a driver, setting up fake email accounts and snidely denying Eddie was guilty to anyone who would listen wasn't worth that much to Eddie.

peter brush said...

"The education is down the drain."

Kirkley-Bey, a deputy speaker in the House, also took a hard line. "I don't care whether you apologize to me or not," she told De La Paz. "I've got so many people saying to me, 'What's going on in Hartford?' that it's terrible. I'm embarrassed."

As for the board and school system, "I can make sure that none of you ever get appointed again. I can make sure they take away ECS money … transportation money," Kirkley-Bey said of the state funds that are a lifeblood for the city schools.

"And do it just to Hartford. So — just remember that," she warned.

"Put it in your pipe and smoke it."
Well, it is no doubt a pain in the ass to put up with the rantings of grandstanding legislative morons, but that's why we pay the School Board the Big $. What? They aren't paid a dime? In that case, let the Quirky-bay/Cotto-community kiss their collective posteriors.

peter brush said...

Councilman Luis Cotto charged that many of the board members suffered from "hubris."

There must be at least seven or eight municipal/state agencies in charge of protecting "members" from venereal diseases. Cotto; call 911.

Anonymous said...

Berating that middle level BOE staff representative personally and publically isnt the way to build or repair relations.Ms Kirkley-Bey was very wrong in her approach at the meeting and is one of the reasons why the political system in Hartford is dysfunctional and beyond repair.At a minimum,even if folks disagree with eachother,people should not involve themselves with ad hominum attacks such as the one done by Kirkley-Bey.

Until such time as folks learn to disagree like civilized human beings, expect more dysfunctional behavior in Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36 - I am sure the mid-level BOE staff rep didn't go to the meeting on his own initiative. It's more likely he was sent there by Mr. McDonald or higher level BOE staff. They merely avoided dealing with the issue by sending this poor soul, knowing full well Rep Kirkely-Bey had a few things on her mind for the BOE, not for him per se. He was just a messenger because McDonald, Adamowski, Kishimoto, etc. didn't have the courage/hubris to attend themselves.

It wasn't Kirkley-Bey's choice to send this poor soul, and again, had the BOE truly involved the community in this decision, and not hidden it and ignored people like Kirkley-Bey, they would have had nothing to hide from (like a meeting with Kirkely-Bey and her astonishment at their behavior).

Isn't it interesting that for years Segarra and Kirkley-Bey have not been questioned this harshly about their political skills until they have both had to address/deal with those political power houses at the BOE?

Me thinks the accusatory shoe is on the wrong foot.

Anonymous said...

My question is, when did these people suddenly grow spines? Where were they when Eddie was running Hartford like it was a third world country? I'd like to know who stands to profit from Kishimoto being deposed.

Anonymous said...

Ay Dios Santo,

Kirkley-Bey, "Lopez" a pretension latina only on an election year, K puerca, asking about PRican or AF kids education.

Bye, you are totally useless to this city, your political record shows it.

Do Adios!