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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Two Hartford wrongful termination cases winding their way through hearings and motions have once again been delayed.

The hearing officer's decision in the Dan Nolan case was originally expected in late January or early February 2011. That was then pushed off until March 23, 2011 since the hearing officer needed more time to finalize his decision. Well, the 23rd has come and gone and now the word is that it will be at least another week for the completion of the report.

In the wrongful termination of Hartford Police Officer Matthew Secore, that has also been pushed off for at least a month. Secore won his reinstatement to the Hartford Police Department as the result of a Labor Board decision. The City of Hartford chose to ignore that decision and appealed the decision to Hartford Superior Court where the appeal has been delayed by motion after motion. The matter was supposed to be heard by a Judge on Monday, but was postponed for another month because the Judge assigned had too much going on to listen to the matter.

Hopefully in these two cases justice delayed is not justice denied.

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