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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I was hopeful. The house was on the market and word was that Eddie Perez was moving out of the City to prepare for the prison stay and we might just be over the worst of the Perez era.

But no, Eddie Perez has once again proven that he knows no shame. Jeff Cohen at WNPR and Kevin Rennie at, have both reported that Perez is once again surfacing to fleece the people of Hartford.

Apparently future inmate Perez has made a demand upon the City of Hartford to be paid for unused sick time and vacation pay totaling $131,590.32. If Perez really needs the money that bad, might I suggest filling out a job application for the Roldan for (fill in the blank office name here)Campaign. It seems to be working out well for Perez's former Chief of Staff who has been paid over $15,000 by Roldan already.

If Eddie pushes the issue, maybe the Council and Mayor will instruct the Corporation Counsel to file suit to recover all of the Attorney fees it cost the City for employees going before the Grand Jury to testify against Perez, those resulted from his criminal activity. That will more than cover the amount of his vacation and sick time.


Anonymous said...

This will be a good test to see who runs Hartford. If Eddie is still running the show through well placed friends he will get that check.

Anonymous said...

Perez makes me sick. It's his own fault he resigned without squaring away his final pay. Even if he is legally entitled to something it's very unlikely to be that much money.

Good for Segarra wanting to take this matter to arbitration. Drag Eddie through years of litigation like he did everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I Hope the personnel director do not do one of his dirty deals. He should be hung by XXXXX for all of the civil service rules he broke. The fed should start investigation of the city personnel department. He and Jim burns should be sitting in Danbury prison.

Investigate Them All said...

Anonymous 3, can you be more specific? Either post it or call Kevin privately. His phone number is on the home page of the blog, underneath the title. When city staffers told him what Eric Jackson was accused of doing, Kevin investigated and got him fired in a matter of days. He can also get the attention of the state's attorney if necessary. If Pedro didn't clean house as everyone expected, then Kevin and others like yourself will have to do it for Hartford.

Ernie said...

So, is Eddie still "working" for CT AIDS Resource Coalition, a city sub-grantee of Ryan White funds AND Housing Opportunities for People w/AIDS (HOPWA)funds from HUD???

When is Eddie's next court date for his appeal of his conviction?

How did Eddie transfer ownership of the house to his wife if she has no income, assuming that they still owe a mortgage?

Anonymous said...

This guy has no shame. Not one penny should go to him. And I hope the state can successfully take away his entire pension. They should also go after that house he's selling and recoup the city taxpayer money he squandered while in office.

Anonymous said...

Does it make any sense that Eddie Perez is owed any money from the City of Hartford.Eddie should be repaying the tax payers of the City he claims to love so much. Pedro Segarra is running the City through Eddie and when Eddie gets paid maybe then the City will wake up.Pedro did nothing about Eric Jackson, although he would have liked to but his hands were tied. Wasn't until the ladies and I use the word ladies losely that Eric Jackson resigned because a class action suit speaks in volumns. The Board of Education is still running wild. The Board of Education has more directors in their administration than is needed, there are directors directing noone.

Anonymous said...

Human nature can be puzzling. It took a few years after Perez's arrest to convince many of his former supporters and his community that he really had transformed into a very corrupt man. He always had insecurity issues about his status and frequently needed to exhibit heavy-handedness with anyone he found himself in conflict with. Mix this with his need to accept personal favors as a show that he too was one of the "big boys" and you have the making of a corrupt little tyrant.