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Sunday, April 10, 2011


It took a little while to get accomplished, but tomorrow at 1:00PM "We the People" will start airing a weekly hour long program on Hartford Public Access Television.

In January, the "1 Hartford" program stopped production. That program was produced by Stan McCauley and the time commitment was extensive. Stan apparently wanted to focus on his run for Mayor and also a had a new baby on the way.

Many people called and asked when we were going to start the program again, and eventually enough people asked so myself, Hyacinth Yennie and Gerry Pleasent decided to move forward with a new program. The program will be weekly at 1:00PM and will air live on Channel 5 in Hartford. We will also have the capability to take phone calls and questions. The program will be recorded and re-aired on Saturdays at 10:00PM.

The program will also be available on the internet and once I have those details, I'll post them here.

If you have any suggestions for guests or for topics you would like covered, feel free to let me know


Bruce Rubenstein said...

congradulations to you Kevin...I look forward to the new program, hopefully it will be hard-hitting and informative.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kevin!!! Good to hear that the new program is finally on.