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Monday, May 2, 2011


The previous post should show that common sense is not overflowing in the Corporation Counsel's Office. The appeal filed by the City of Hartford in another matter involving a Hartford firefighter should back that lack of common sense up 100%.

The matter involved bumper stickers on the vehicle of one firefighter, who is Caucasian. Another firefighter, who is African American, objected to the bumper stickers because they depicted President Obama in a negative fashion.

The bottom line, that is what we call political free speech. Because the President is African American, criticizing him is not a racist incident. I can recall numerous bumper stickers portraying George W. Bush in a very negative fashion, but I never heard anyone call them racist.

Eventually this grievance ended up before the Labor Board. The only correction ordered by the Board was that the firefighter whose parking privileges inside the firehouse were revoked should once again be allowed to park inside the firehouse. No damages, no money, nothing monetary.

Yet now the City of Hartford in its infinite wisdom and free for all spending of the taxpayers money, has decided to appeal that decision.

WHY? Is there anyone steering this ship? Obviously not.

And not surprisingly, the wording of the appeal appears to be very similar to the Nolan appeal. Has someone learned how to use "cut and paste" in the Corporation Counsels Office?

Here is the latest motion below.

City of Hartford Appeal-DiGiacomo


Anonymous said...

Wow, Segarra's appointment of Saundra Kee Borges turned out to be a winner.

All these appeals are just reasons that allow tax money to be funneled to "friendly" law firms which are contracted by the city to fight these kind of cases. They cut and paste the appeal together and so begins the process of legal corruption.

People we vote later this year. Let's put an end to this administration wasting our tax money.

Anonymous said...

71 pages for a bumper sticker. Really?

Anonymous said...

what your story conveniently forgets is that one of the bumper stickers said something to the effect of "we finally have a face for food stamps" with a picture of the president on it. that to me strongly implies that because Obama is black (and many white people wrongly think there are more non-whites than whites on government assistance) that his picture should be something that is for his people. if it was truly just a political display and not racial you could put probably any Democratic president since FDR on it. you are way off base on this one.