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Saturday, June 18, 2011


If so Chief, it might be nice to call me before you start running around to community groups bad mouthing me.

I had thought you were more of a professional than that and if you would like a rematch, I'll be more than happy to put my facts and documents up against your denials any day, any time, in front of any group, just name the time and place. And if you honestly think that your problems coming to light now are only because you disciplined a Lieutenant for dancing on a table and for not promoting a Lieutenant "who looks like you", I think you are headed for a rude awakening.

And your comment to the Greater Hartford African American Alliance that the blog is all about my "ego", I will be the first to say that I am very proud of what this blog has become. The fact that it has also become a mechanism for exposing corruption, ineffeciency and wrongdoing and that many of your own people are willing to provide facts and documents I'm sure is a problem for you. And as far as ego's, I guess you would know what you are talking about.

The truth will eventually come out and the way it sounds with everything going on, it will come out sooner than later. Ask your previous boss Eddie Perez what the denials are worth when the truth actually comes out.

Chief, you and you alone were in a position to change all of the problems now coming to the surface if you had done what you needed to do. We talked over a year ago about the backstabbing by those you consider your confidants and you now are seeing the results of that. Remember when I told you to make sure you wore your vest so it might help when they stabbed you in the back?

If you think your only problems at HPD are a dancing Lieutenant and a Lieutenant that "looks like you", you have truly lost control of your department.

I anxiously await the Rudewicz report.


Bill said...

Just a side note, Rudewicz is also leading the investigation of the actions of the Windsor Locks PD on the night the off-duty officer killed a boy on a bike. Below is a link.

Bill said...

Here is an actual link:
Windsor Locks Patch Article

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Hartford is paying his team for the HPD investigation? We should know in 4 or 5 years after Kevin wins the FOI hearings.

On second thought, Kevin will just tell us the cost when he's on the town council.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how DKR is now bad mouthing the same guy he used to give information to, you live by the sword you die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about this rumor crap. The facts will come out and if the police chief sucks, time will take care of this. My only concern is that comments are made against people without us knowing if they are rumors. Can someone sue a person if the accusations made are false? I hope when Kevin wins he will spend more time helping us then spending his time with this blog.


Anonymous 8:00PM,

not sure which rumores you are referring to. If it is the comments made about me by Chief Roberts before the African American Alliance, those aren't rumors, they were verified with 3 people that were there.

And as far as doing more if I get elected, do you realize how much change has been forced by issues exposed here that would have never been addressed otherwise?

I don't intend to change my beliefs and values or backoff anything if I get elected. What you see now is what you will get if I am fortunate enought to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Why would Daryl recently hire a former city hall employee that was rumored to be romantically involved with him ? I dont know if the rumors are true or not but I do know that the rumor is all over town. I didnt use any names here in the hopes that Kevin doesnt censure this and to be fair to the female.

Malcom/Che 2K said...

Kevin...Kevin...Kevin...tsk...tsk...tsk...when are you going to learn that Daryl is the most selfish, most self serving individual that has ever held the title of police chief? He uses that "someone that looks like me" like he is in tune to what is going on with the African American citizens and police officer that he leads. Fact is, he has done absolutely NOTHING for the minority officers in the department(except for Rob Ford the "yes"man). We (minority officers) aren't asking for special treatment but he doesn't even give us a fighting chance. In the grand scheme of things Daryl should still be a V&N detective if he were held to the same standards that he now enforces. A Caucasian captain approached me a short time ago and said (and i quote) "Daryl has had the opportunity to make this department reflect the community that we serve, but instead has done exactly the opposite. This department is the whitest I have ever seen it." The consensus among the minority officers is that Daryl is afraid of anyone that "looks like him" rising up and doing a better job than him (NOT HARD!). He is a user and sh*ts on people after he gets what he wants from them (ask Rob Murtha). Rob corrected his crappy papers on midnites when Daryl was going to that "Diploma Mill" to get his Bachelor's to pump up his resume. You now see how Rob is getting treated. Then he requires standards which he, himself didnt have when he was "interviewing" candidates for chief vacancies.
Kevin, I'm actually a little shocked at you, of all people, for not knowing his narcissistic personality. Well Kev, have no fear. His final day is near. No matter what he says at these community meetings, the word is out and his best bet is to haul ass and save face but he's so arrogant,that he is actually believing his own BS. The Secore thing is just the first of easily avoided transgressions that he could have put to bed, if his ego didn't get in the way, but now when it's all said and done, the city's gonna hafta pay close to, if not over a million dollars to forget the ignorance and incompetence of Daryl K. Roberts. But at least the reimbursed cops will be happy with the financial windfall caused by the DKR "dumbness".

The guy who preached one thing and did the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Chief Roberts ,
Needs a box of tissues for all his issues!
Then just to show you where his head is ?Then He discredits you Kevin when he could have used you as a pontential ally, and as a mouth piece by being honest and giving you the real scoop.
Oh well when do people learn that they are not irreplaceable ?

Anonymous said...

I was going to make this comment directly to DKR, but at this point I doubt he's keeping up with the blog like he used to with all the Chief bashing going on. But DKR thinks he's God's gift to HPD and Hartford. Half of the command staff is right there with him and I can't hardly wait for him and his minions to be gone.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to seriously disagree. Roberts and McCoy are responsible for sinking this ship. As long as they're in their positions, the department will only worsen (if that's possible). Every other chief has their heart in the right place and truly has their interest in the best of the city. Roberts should just retire and take McCoy with him. Save Horvath, he is the most competent of all the chiefs. Everyone knows Roberts takes all his advice from McCoy, with those two gone, the department will start to go in the direction it needs to.

Anonymous said...

@Malcom/Che 2K.....

I think your seriously mistaken with you thinking that Roberts has done nothing for the minority Officers and it's a shame you make this a racial issue. Roberts has done nothing for anyone across all racial lines within the department. If your referring to his Chief appointments, I'd like to know of any minority lieutenant or above within HPD you think is fit for chief. I don't think anyone is more qualified than his choices, and it is about the most qualified person that has the department in his or her's best interest, isn't it? Roberts has evenly appointed detectives across racial and gender lines. Roberts has promoted sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains across racial and gender lines. Roberts has harshly disciplined all races if you weren't on "his team" whether your black, white, Hispanic or other. I think were all in agreement that Roberts has been a horrible chief, but don't make this a racial issue, that's complete non-sense.

Anonymous said...

The real question is,
Will Kevin be a blogger who exposes potential problems or a councilman who solves problems. Not sure if he can do both as one requires systematic change to address the issues Hartford is confronting. Roberts will face his faith soon. My concern with this blog is the potential for a person to have their character defamed? Let's hope someone who is hurt by a comment that is false does not face injustice. That would not be cool. I could see a lawyer suing this blog or blogger. Be careful Kevin, you don't want to be on the other end of the stick.


Anonymous 9:24pm,

hopefully I can be both, but nothing here is scripted, it goes where it goes and I try to follow what my heart tells me and what I feel is right.

As far as lawsuits, name something I have written here which isn't factual or backed up by documents.

Flatfoot said...

Anonymous @ 9:24pm,
I have no doubt that Kevin would excel as a councilperson. Look at what he has done for the City simply as a concerned citizen, although only one coucilperson can do so much, imagine what more he could accomplish once his foot is in the door at City Hall. This blog has been nothing more than a louder than normal voice for his concerns, among others who work and/or live in Hartford. I don't know Kevin personally but I know this much, he's selfless and cares about the city and is passionate about it's future.
As far as I'm concerned the only people who are skeptical or who have negative connotations are those that have something to lose if Kevin is in office. The fear of loss of money and power.... that's probably the most leading cause of corruption at City Hall in Hartford. Greedy and selfish people will fo anything to maintain their lifestyle, even if it's at the cost of the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Which minority captains has Roberts appointed? The answer is none. No assistant chiefs, deputy chiefs, or captains. He scheduled the captains exam so that the minority lieutenants were unable to take the test, short by two months on the arbitrary two year standard.

Roberts is 0 for 7 on the top appointments, has picked and chosen on discipline, his record is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell here you have it - Like DKR or not he has promoted off of merit and job performance, not popularity. Does Brookes or the "entitlement boys" deserve to be any higher than they are? For starters they should come to work and do something worthy of consideration. Slapping backs and passing out money the ten hours you show up during the week doesn't equate to good policing.
When DKR leaves so will Mccoy... Make Horvath the acting chief. He is tough but fair and hpd needs it. If you go outside the dept after that make it a good choice cause you're stuck with a high salary and accompanying ego, if it doesnt work out.
Truth be told - bring on the investigation report.

James Brown (good god) said...

Hey Anon @ 6:36 pm

When did you have time to pull your head out of the command staff's ass. Obvious long enough to write in this blog, then you probably went right back to where your misguided and misinformed loyalty came from with your head further you their ass since you felt your came to their defense. Let's look at your post. DKR has not promoted off of merit and job performance. If this was true then why was he so afraid of waiting two extra months to make more minority Lieutenants eligible to take the Captain's test?
This would make sure that you had a wide range of qualified candidates to choose from to more reflect the city. Your statement about Brooks and the "entitlement boys" is way off base. Even if they only came in for the ten hours a day it's ten more than DKR, McCrash and the rest of those in the corner offices. Don't even think that DKR or anyone else on that second floor knows anything about good policing, they always want you to give them the soulition so they don't have to and additionally they don't even follow the basic principles of police supervison. Bullying and Intimidation is not found in any police supervision book.
Since you brought up Horvath as a name for Chief let's look at what's he done, he's let intelligence run amuck when he was a commander, violated dept. Policy and procedure and has bullied every commander who has worked under him. If this is who you want as Chief you can have him in your one man dept. Not here at HPD. Finally you don't need to go outside the dept. To get stuck with a high salary and an "accompanying ego" you have that all ready with DKR and his commandant staff. There are many eligible and qualified candidates witin the dept. to act as an an interim chief until one can be appointed. I know they say be careful what you wish for because the unknown may be worse than the know but no one could be worse then what we have now. A Chief that does know enough to retire, look at it this way he makes $156 k a year and is max out on pension earning, his pension is approx. $120 k a year, and gets paid medical when he leaves, so why in gods green earth is this guy still here when you do the math he is working for what $36k a year, not to bright, oh I know what it is it's his "EGO" when he leaves he'll just be Daryl.

Anonymous said...

Well Considering the City of Hartford Human Resources Unit and not the Chief's Office, plans and schedules promotional exams and frequently does so due to the HP Union's request or grievances, The scheduling of the Captains Exam is not Roberts fault. So whine if you must but place the blame where it lies, with City Hall.

If the Chief chooses to set his own criteria for promotion to appointed positions (for example, Associates or Bachelors)it's his prerogative HE'S THE CHIEF. He should however make his standards known. Just because he was appointed without a degree does not make his requirements any less valid.

There are 1/2 truths, misinformation and some outright lies in the comments sections of this blog. All this contributes to the sinking morale of the Hartford Police. There are a handful of very disgruntled officers most with axes to grind against the administration. If you feel you where wronged by the Chief there are procedures in place to rectify the situation (Grievances,Labor Board,CHRO, Lawsuits)avail yourself of these and if your complaint has merit you should win.

The common practice at HPD is if you get caught doing something wrong instead of manning up and accepting responsibility for your mistake, fingers get pointed at everyone else who has a perception of similar behavior.

The last thing I want to comment on is the Chief runs the department and decides who works where. That's his prerogative HE'S THE CHIEF. If you don't like where you are assigned request a transfer. If you get the transfer good.If you don't like that go work somewhere else. The City of Hartford hired you to do a job. Suck it up and do it.

Bill said...

Regarding the above post: Well it's nice to finally hear the other side of things. Because there are always 3 different versions of a side, the other side and the truth.

Anonymous said...

I am not referring to chief Roberts as his day will come. The fact that anyone(including) myself can say something inappropriate or someone can make iinsensitive remarks against someone on this blog is terrible. You control what you put on your blog and anyone can accuse you of defaming their character when anyone can post as anonymous. Would you be ok if someone made erroneous comments about your business or the way you treated your customers. I don't know if Roberts or any other city official is corrupt but I do know that your blog promotes anyone to talk without any verification on facts.


Anonymous 9:33PM,

Since you posted as "anonymous" I'm not sure how much weight I should even put on your comment.

What is your solution? Have you ever read the comments on other sites including the Courant. In a country where free speech is a basic right, we are all able to make our own decisions on what we believe and what we don't. Very rarely do I delete comments because I think that reduces the value of the discussion. In rare cases if the comments are purely inflammatory and have no basis in fact or any relevance to the discussion, I do not post them.

In the meantime, give me a suggestion on how to censor the comments that is flawless and I might think about it. Until then,it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

You are the blogger and I hope you take responsibility for allowing comments on your own blog. Clicking Anonymous is not the issue but your as the blogger accept defamatory comments. If you win the election does that mean you are going to not take responsibility for your actions as city council. But I guess you are not a real reporter so that explains why you don't understand the difference between censorship and lawsuits. I also checked other reputable paper like the courant (lol) and they require an email address. The reason for this is accountability and a newspaper having the right to know what email the message came from. Hmm maybe they can request or subpoena emails when or if they get sued. Another option used is the report abuse button. You don't have any of these features. You also seem upset that I think you can be held accountable for allowing your blogs to defame someones character. I will call my lawyer and find out. Why would I leave my name when you think it is ok to blast people you have a grip with. Hmmm, you sure you want to run for office. This blog makes you feel important and it is an easy way out for you really solving problems. I know...u have solve lots of problems w this blog. Ya right.


Anonymous at 6:24PM,

First off, you are not as anonymous as you think, so grow a spine and if you have these concerns, my phone number is listed here, call me and we can discuss your issues. I'm not sure why you feel the need to defend your boss, but he can do that just fine by himself, at least he has the guts to call me and we discuss these things.

As far as what the Courant does or doesn't do, I really don't care. Anyone can make up a phony e-mail account within a matter of seconds on g-mail or anyone of the numerous other e-mail services.

Your IP address, and every other poster and visitor to the blog, is recorded each and every time you enter. There are numerous comments that I don't post and I made that policy clear in the past. Posts about who is having an affair with who, about who is abusing workers comp because of who their spouse is etc, etc, etc aren't posted unless there is documented proof.

I have done what I can to control the comments short of not allowing them. I suggest you do call your lawyer as you said you were going to do and I think you will find my actions are prudent and go above and beyond what I need to do.

I can cite numerous cases already decided, but I think you already have your mind made up in an attempt to discredit me and this blog. I suggest you take off your blinders and accept that this blog has been an agent for change, whether you like it or not.

In a recent ruling the U.S. District Court in Washington decided "The First Amendment protects the anonymity of Internet speech. It called anonymous speech a “great tradition that is woven into the fabric of this nation’s history,” and added that “the ability to speak one’s mind on the Internet without the burden of the other party knowing all the facts about one’s identity can foster open communication and robust debate."

“People who have committed no wrongdoing should be free to participate in online forums without fear that their identity will be exposed under the authority of the court,” the district court said.

A similar case was decided by a U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania in May 2006. A promoter and event planner, Anthony DiMeo III, filed suit against Duke Law School graduate and Web-site operator Tucker Max for anonymous comments about DiMeo made by visitors to Max’s site. DiMeo argued that Max, because he selected and edited posts that appear on the site, has editorial control and should be viewed as the provider of the offensive content.

The court disagreed with DiMeo and found that Section 230 protected Max from prosecution. Because Max didn’t write the posts, but only provided a forum, he was not held liable.

Here is an article that you may want to read before you waste money calling your attorney:

Some of the cases I cited above came from this article. And aside from mentioning that you seem as though your feelings have been hurt (even though according to your IP address I have never mentioned you, but the workers comp thing may hit close to home), you still haven't mentioned anything that either myself or commenters have posted that are untrue.

Like I said, my phone number is here, call if you have some backbone and we can discuss this further

Anonymous said...

get him Kevin, get him
Kevin: 1 Anon @ 1824: 0

Anonymous said...

Good thing I only care about payday Hpd is a disgrace anyway.