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Sunday, June 5, 2011


For anyone who is a Nextel cell service subscriber, you probably already realize that.

Since Friday afternoon around 1:00PM there has been "some sort" of outage preventing most Nextel phones in the 860 area code from receiving incoming calls. Outgoing calls can still be made. I say "some sort" because Nextel/Sprint supposedly has been unable to identify, correct or even estimate when the problem will be fixed.

The major problem for me is that people trying to make incoming calls to Nextel cell phones don't even get any type of recording saying that they are experiencing a network problem or even directing the calls right to voice-mail.Instead all the caller hears is a rapid busy signal.

The frustrating part is the way Nextel is handling this. No text messages to their customers with updates as to what is going on, no e-mail alerts and nothing but a run around from their Customer Service people.

The final straw was just now when I called to get an update and the Customer "No-service" rep told me that it could be an AT&T problem because they provide the land line service to the cell tower and AT&T is closed until Monday. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They were very accommodating though when they offered me a credit for 3 days. Then the operator I was speaking with told me I shouldn't feel too bad, that they have had an outage affecting portions of Michigan for three months now.

Oh, and now when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I have been on hold for over thirty minutes. Well the supervisor just got on the line, and lo and behold she wasn't even from the technical support department, she was a supervisor in the account cancellation department. They must be reading my mind.

I guess it is time to switch carriers after almost twenty years with Nextel. At the very least some sort of media notification should have been put out so that people might know what is going on.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your phone company runs a smooth as the Hartford Police Department, and shows the same vision and leadership ability which is NONE.

Anonymous said...

I have been experiencing exactly what you describe, and your post is the only thing I've found on google that indicates there is a problem.
I called nextel service twice, and brought the phone to two stores, only to have them finally tell me that there is a known outage. How about telling that to your operators! I did a complete reset in the interim trying to rectify and lost all of my contacts....


that was the most aggravating part was that they plyed dumb to the whole situation. I'm done with Nextel, and switching to AT&T tomorrow, rates are a lot better and seemed much smoother to switch than I thought