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Friday, September 2, 2011


Sometimes it is amazing that Hartford as a city is able to even survive. Another perfect example happened today, almost at my front door.

Around noon time a work crew showed up at Farmington and Sigourney Street and began blocking off traffic with traffic cones and a couple police officers. It seems that someone decided to begin the "milling" process to resurface the area around Farmington and Sigourney Street. That in and of itself wouldn't be bad, we complain about the condition of our streets so a little traffic upset is necessary to repair them.

A "little traffic upset" turned into grid-lock by about 2:45PM. HPD realized it was a problem and advised the contractor that they needed to be off the street by 3:00PM to comply with their City permit.

Traffic was already a mess by then, very little was moving and from what I am told HPD supervisors began demanding the contractor shut down and open up the intersection. Then the Hartford City Hall brain trust kicked in and decided they new better about the traffic flow than HPD. The contractor was allowed to stay on the street until after 5:00PM, the noise of the horns blowing from aggravated motorists was constant, and fire apparatus and school buses had a difficult time navigating through the area.

I just wonder who makes these decisions and why even bother giving out the permits if they mean nothing. And wouldn't it maybe make sense to mill a busy intersection like that after rush hour? By 7:00PM the street has very little traffic, most people have already fled the City by that time.

Either I'm looking at it wrong or I guess common sense isn't a strong suit in Hartford.


Anonymous said...

Hey kevin. I seem to remember that area of farmington ave being paved last year. Yet certain streets such as garden st. Capen etc. Look like baghdad . Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Farmington Ave got alot of work done in that area by att this year so its alot of patchwork. If capen and garden had cleaner roads they would drive even faster than they already do. The current conditions are like ghetto speed bumps. The roads in the northend save lives but kill vehicular suspensions.

Anonymous said...

Who made that decision ? The bow tie I need four assistants, Eddie Perez hold over, who should of been gone when Rose and McMullin got the boot, nice job Dave.

Barbara J. Ruhe said...

Didn't you get the Memo? "Common Sense is not very common."

Oxy Moron said...

The greasy slovenly unkempt bow tied carpet bagger needs to pack his bags in his downtown rental apartment and seek employment elsewhere. Since he has both a JD and an MPA he is surely quite marketable.

Anonymous said...

common sense in hartford?

Mr King to you said...

You complain when the streets are lousy then you complain when they try to fix them. Are you the only person on Earth that knows how to do everything right?


Mr. King,

not "everything", but I have a pretty good track record