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Friday, October 14, 2011


When it rains it pours, but that might be a good thing for the area's water agency, the MDC. But this week "the rain" just kept coming when it related to bad news for the Chairman of the MDC, William DiBella.

It started off with the announcement that the MDC would be forced to eliminate at least 82 jobs as a result of losing the management and operations contract for the CRRA, Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority.

Then Jon Lender did an in-depth story on the potential relationship between Hartford politicians and the hiring of Democratic State Representative Hector Robles at a company that just received millions from the State of Connecticut, Ticket Network of South Windsor. Lender began to connect the "dots" of the deal with DiBella, the MDC and his son, Marc DiBella figuring prominently in the middle of the article. You can read Jon Lender's story here.

And then on top of all that, it seems that at least 12 of the employees let go this week were IT specialists for the MDC. Interestingly enough, after the jobs were cut, the MDC's computer systems went down and have been down all week, and an MDC spokesperson quoted in a Courant article today said it was a "possibility" that the computers would be back on line next week. That doesn't sound too encouraging.

You can read the Courant article about the MDC's computer troubles here

Luckily for Bill though, he can decompress and unwind on his daily commute back to his home in Old Saybrook.


Water Torture said...

Other than take care of themselves and profit off the people of Hartford, can anyone name one thing the DiBella's, either father or son, have done to make Hartford a better place?

Dirty MDC Pipes said...

I am hearing that it might get even worse for diBella and his agency. Word is that all of the new water mains are failing their environmental tests miserably. Edgewood Street had to be heavily chlorinated to kill bacteria just to be used, it still didn't pass.

Maybe that is an FOI request worth seeing, get the test results.

Anonymous said...

Both father and son specialize in crooked shady deals extracting money from Hartford and around the state.In Hartford for decades,they have bought off minority politicians and political operatives.They absolutely own most of the minority political class in Hartford like Minnie,Ramon,steve harris,jean holloway,kennedy,kirkley-bey,wadkins,roldan and robles.

Anonymous said...

Dibella passed the residential/commercial revaluation differential, the state income tax, got tens of millions for Hartford. What has water torture accomplished, other than whining?

Anonymous said...

He looks like a used car saleman..... A slime ball though and through

peter brush said...

Dibella passed the residential/commercial revaluation differential
The "differential" is nothing more than a way to punish moneyed interests that don't vote, so that "progressive" pols can redistribute wealth through a plethora of programs administered by a host of hacks. Without the differential Hartford taxpaying voters might be less enthusiastic about its muni govt.'s activities. (Of course, the more important obscuring of local pols' mismanagement is provided by the State and Feds who fund half the city's half-assed operations.) And, perhaps "anonymous 7:23" could help me understand how taxing businesses at a different (i.e., higher) rate helps the city. Isn't it the case that all other things being equal higher taxes mean less commerce (Italian groceries on Franklin AVe, for example) and fewer employment opportunities?

Billy appears to make out very well while doing good, which is to say I'm in agreement with "anonymous 9:19."

Republican Segarra said...

Rico Dence, the republican who dropped off the ticket for council to let 3 remain has confirmed that he was persuaded to drop off after meeting with McGarry and Pedro in a meeting.Pedro offered his full support for Dence's future run for state representative,should he choose to do so.

Anonymous said...

Does DiBella even live anymore in Hartford? Records only show Marc DiBella owing property.

Anonymous said...

No, he hasn't in years, which was the controversy over his appointment in the first place. And the amazingly high mil rate (72?!?) means that the average property tax would be unbelievably high. NOT good in this economy and something that will have to be dealt with at some point.

And that was a pretty random comment about Rico Dence. Was that intended for this blog entry or was that just a moment of commenter's Tourets?