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Thursday, February 23, 2012


WFSB's Len Besthoff had a piece this week regarding the Hartford Shooting task Force that gave viewers an inside look at how the "STF" operates.

The two clips are worth the time to view and show a different angle to reducing Hartford's gun violence. The message seems to be more of preventing the violence before it happens rather than trying to react and solve the crimes after the damage has been done.

The link below will take you to to view Len's reports.

Hopefully sometime in the near future you will be able to learn more about the STF here as I am awaiting for the time to be scheduled to get an inside view of their operations myself.

In the meantime, since I can now post videos longer than 15 minutes on "you tube", I am posting a "ride along" myself and Stan McCauley did a couple years ago to get an inside look at HPD's Vice and Narcotics Division. The Commander has changed, but the piece is still interesting and something that we put a lot of work into. It was aired on Hartford Public Access Television at the time and seemed to be well received by Hartford residents that viewed it.


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