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Friday, March 23, 2012


The Hartford City Council will vote on the appointment of members to the Charter Revision Commission on Monday night. The proposed members are as follows:

Jeremy Baver, 36 Whitney Street, Hartford, 06105 (D)
Corey Brinson, 22 Charter Oak Place, Apt. 1S, Hartford, 06106 (R)
Doreth Flowers, 264 Whitney Street, Hartford, 06105 (R)
Richard Gordon 451 Cornwall Street, Hartford, 06112 (U)
Kenneth Green , 223 Granby Street, Hartford, 06112 (D)
Kevin Henry, 487 Main Street, Unit 2, Hartford, 06103 (D)
John Kennelly, 95 Scarborough Street, Hartford, 06105 (D)
Brendan Mahoney, 160 Fairfield Avenue, Hartford, 06104 (U)
Thea Montanez, 1 Linden Place #306, Hartford, 06103 (D)
Sharon Patterson-Stallings, 40 Clark Street, Hartford, 06120 (D)
Bruce Rubenstein, 80 Goodwin Circle 17D, Hartford, 06105 (U)

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