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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday's Hartford Democratic Town Committee primaries had some interesting results, most importantly that our entire challenge slate in the 7th Distric were all elected. Also in the 6th District the challenge slate was elected there also defeating the entire "Robles" slate, including the defeat of Al MArotta, Councilman David Macdonald and Hartford Fire Chief Ed Casares in their bid for Town Committee seats.

The 4th Dsitrict "Roldan" slate was also soundly defeated by the "Dibella" slate. This will most likely result in some changes for Hartford in the Connecticut legislature As replacements for Robles and Roldan are likely to be nominated by the new Town Committee's. It might also prove interesting for both of Hartford's State Senators, John Fonfara and Eric Coleman. Both Senators thrw their support behind losing slates which are respoinsible for a large number of votes at nomination time.

I am extremely proud of the slate that was put together to represent the people of the 7th District and look forward to working with them to improve our neighborhoods and our City.

The official numbers are below



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kevin!

Bruce Runemstein said...

congradulations Kevin, you will do a fine job.

Sean Arena said...

It was a pleasure being part of the Hartford Democratic Town Committee, these past years.I started out as a member, going on to be Assistant Secretary,4th District Spokesperson,Chairman of the party, And finally State Central Member for Hartford.I have been able to meet and work with dedicated , hardworking,Loyal party members. I will treasure these times and memories.I wish the new town committee all the best!I hope the new state central member will enjoy working with statewide Democrats.

Thank You,
To all who have been there with me throughout these wonderful years.
Sean Arena



Even though we were frequently on different viewpoints on issues, you did bring leadership and knowledge to much of what went on. Your connections to both state and federal elected officials benefitted us as a party and as a City. I hope you will remain involved and help us make our city stronger