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Monday, July 9, 2012


Tonight at 5:30PM the three top candidates rising to the top of the Wasserman Police chief search will be paraded before the public at the hartford Public library.

Apparently questions need to be submitted in writing by those attending and i would expect that is to avoid any hardball questions about the process that might prove embarassing since the cream clearly hasn't risen to the top this time.

The one question I want to ask is "where do we apply for our refund of the $50,000 dollars that was paid to Wasserman and for a clearly flawed process.

The document below will show you what I mean, are these qualities we want in our next police chief?Are they even qualities we would want in a new police officer, I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor names Rovella Chief.,0,6549964.story

Anonymous said...

I bet several orders have already been placed at UHaul to move items out of offices in chief's complex..

Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope you are right anon @ 5:21.