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Friday, August 24, 2012


A very observant resident from the Southend made it a tough night for two Hartford criminals. The resident observed some activity that he thought was suspicious as he saw two men park a minivan  in the lot of 90 Brainard Road and then walk to the McDonald's Restaurant next door. A short time later he saw the two men run from the McDonald's, guns drawn and jump in the mini-van and take off. The resident called 911 on his cell phone with a description of the van and he followed the van as it got on I-91 North

A Sergeant from the Southeast Conditions Unit was able to observe the vehicle as it headed north on 91 and exited to 84 West, they followed the vehicle until it exited 84 at Sigourney Street. The not too bright robbers were unable to negotiate the "T" intersection at the bottom of the ramp and instead crashed into a concrete barrier, ending their night of crime.

The cash stolen , a facsimile firearm and a 9mm handgun were all recovered from the vehicle.Both robbers were apprehended.

It just shows how important observant residents are in reducing crime in our community

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Anonymous said...

Great Job SECU!!!