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Thursday, August 2, 2012


This link is a must read if you want to see an honest analysis of the gutter we call Hartford politics. Ken doesn't pull any punches and says what most people are thinking when it comes to the upcoming elections for State Representative and Registrar of Voters. Krayeske even describes endorsed Democratic Registrar of Voters Candidate Ramon Arroyo as "cavorting with whores" a very true statement , except in this one case the prostitute was an undercover Polic Officer and Arroyo was arrested. Something he still refuses to address when asked about it.

Click here to read Ken's column.


Anonymous said...

Image a Minnie Gonzalez with an IQ of 20 or more- She'll rule the world.

The Latino voters along with the Lat politicians should be profoundly ashamed she reps our community.

A Prime Time idiot, Who Mayor Segarra Supports.

The Rock said...

It's Panagore's fault!!

Mike Lupo - Candidate for State Rep 6th Assembly District said...

Choices other than corrupt Democrats, now there is an interesting concept. If voters in Hartford, especially the 6th Assembly District, are really upset with politics as usual, there will be another choice in November. I have thrown my hat into the ring to make a difference. All I am asking is for voters to look past the Party affiliation and look at the candidate's abilities and ethics. Have an independent mind, don't vote party just because you are registered in it. November is the time to break the tradition of bad politicians. Otherwise, it will be the same old crap.

Anonymous said...

Mike forget it pal, your Chair was totally involved with the Perez regime and your Councilperson Airey-Wilson voted for everytax increase...that is our working knowledge of your party.You yourself never once critized your Chair or Veronica and until you declare publically that you will not do their bidding,and offer the public some real independance,you dont have a chance.

Anonymous said...

The only idiot here is you. Minnie does plenty for her community and people should be proud to have her as a state rep. Dont be mad because you cant accomplish what she has.

peter brush said...

declare publically that you will not do their bidding
No evidence that Mike's anything but an honorable guy. What, was Lupo supposed to do? Picket outside Veronica's house? In the mean time, the Democrats nominate a guy who's been thrown off the police force for stealing from the City. The State legislature, controlled since forever by Dems, has been spending, and promising to spend, with no apparent regard for our kids' having to pay. As a matter of both policy and personal ethics Mike should be elected, but it's likely that party unity, not to say bigotry, will probably lead to Robles' continued servicing of the public.