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Monday, August 13, 2012


It amazes me how the Mayor's Office can take months to get a Police Chief selection approved and yet they can get a press release out within minutes condemning Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President.

I think they might need to reassess their priorities. What effects Hartford more, the selection of our next Police Chief  or Romney's running mate. I only wish they would have moved as quick in the Police Chief selection as they did for a partisan press release.

The press release might actually be a violation of Hartford's ethics rules if you read the release it is not just informational, it clearly is supportive of the Obama campaign, and that is improper using City resources and City staff for personal political gain by the Mayor.

As a City, we had better hope that Romney doesn't win , otherwise these words might come back to haunt us when we go looking for Federal dollars. They may want to hit the spell check button also, I left the headline just as it was sent.

Here is the text of the release:
(August 11, 2012) --- Mayors Pedro Segarra, John DeStefano and Bill Finch released the following statement after the announcement that Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate.
“Today’s announcement should strike fear into the middle class and everyone who fights daily to make ends meet. Ryan’s budget proposal would kill cities like Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven. It is already difficult enough for Mayors; every day is a battle to invest in the right job-creating initiatives, make whole on our promise of a high-quality education for every student and maintain a high quality of life. Ryan – and clearly Mitt Romney – thinks that slashing critical funding for social services, dismantling Medicare and tax cuts for the very wealthy is the best solution for America.
We do not support Romney's decision, nor do we support Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" plan. As Mayors of Connecticut’s largest cities, we encourage every resident in our respective cities to look at the facts, especially Representative Ryan's voting record in Congress, to see what kind of future he has in mind. November’s election will not only impact our collective future, but also our immediate quality of life and the bottom line of middle class Americans. We’ve already had to endure the disastrous Bush/Cheney years. At no point in recent history has it been more important that we learn from our past mistakes.
President Obama and Vice President Biden have a clear vision for America: one that is built on fairness, equity, rewarding hard-work and increased opportunity. From saving the American car industry, to making health care more accessible and affordable, to raising educational standards – like we’ve done in Hartford and New Haven and are doing in Bridgeport – it is clear that we already have a team in the White House that is best equipped to tackle our biggest problems.”


The Rock said...

This should be an interesting time for you Kevin. How does someone who at his core is a conservative toe the "I have to be a DEM in Hartford" line in the midst of the national election? By the way, do you actually believe that the Mayor and his office spent anymore then five minutes OK'ing his name on the press release? chances are Destefano's people put it together and the rest just said, whatever.

Mike Lupo - Candidate For State Rep 6th Assembly District said...

Purely partisan and totally inappropriate wherever it came from.

Start worrying about Hartford, it's people, crime, jobs (or lack thereof) and what City Hall can do to bring the City back from the brink.

Rah, rah feel good press releases promoting one party is NOT what we need.

Oh, by the way, I was in New Haven yesterday...the homeless are still living in planters at the AT&T building. Why not a press release about that problem, Mr. D?

Anonymous said...

with Olga and Vargas winning easilly, both Mayor Segarra and DTC DiBella suffered a huge hit and reduced influence with them.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lupo, you have no chance, stop trying to look like the new fresh politician thats going to turn water into wine......

Anonymous said...

So, "Anonymous" at 10:17am, you like the status quo and the way things have been for over twenty years? Why not try something new?

Are you afraid things just might get better and poor people might get jobs and have opportunities?

Keep voting the way you do and see what's left in a few years. We will be the second Detroit or worse.