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Sunday, September 2, 2012


A news story is beginning to make the rounds today about two "young women" who were  kidnapped, tied up and sexually assaulted at the Travel Inn Motel on Weston Street..

The fact of the matter is that the two young women freely admitted to police that they went to the hotel room specifically with the intent of buying drugs. The two "young women" had just finished their shifts as strippers at a local adult establishment.. They further told police that they spent the night partying and doing drugs in the room. In fact at one point, one of the "young women" went to her car to get her laptop so they could play music during their drug binge.

I am not in anyway condoning sexual assault, but let's tell the full story here, rather than portray these fine "young women" as innocent victims that were preyed upon by some deviant in that awful City of Hartford, where no one is safe.

I also wonder if the "victims" will face any charges since their intent was clearly to commit a criminal act. If you play with snakes, the chances are pretty good you are going to get bit.

You can read the Courant's story here


Anonymous said...

Wow. You may want to study up on victimology. Substance abuse is something a lot of people struggle with and tears families apart. Your posting is right in line with people pointing to what rape victims are wearing as a reason for them being raped. Are you kidding me? I guess any out of town junky should just expect to be raped when buying drugs in Hartford.

A. Comer said...

wow! I knew it would be hard for the wolf (Republican) to remain in the sheeps (Democrat) clothing for a long time, but you're busting out in dramatic fashion kevin. Say hi to your boy Akin while you're in your righteousness mode.

Freedom Fighter said...

so they weredrug users does that mean they should get raped ???? what exactly are you saying I dont know kevin your starting to worry me even if a woman was walking naked doesnt give them the right to rape them an just because a blackman is wearing a hoody doesnt give the right to shoot him


It ia vwry convenient to twist the words to any interpretation you wish, Please highlight where in that [post thAT I said anyone deserves to get raped. The point is that made a decision to go to that hotel room to buy drugs,knowing that drug dealers are not the most righteous individuals. The Police did take the complaint and arrested the attacker. Does that excuse the behavior of theirs that started the whole chain of events? I don't think so, it is called personal responsibility. Does an armed robber getting shot by a store owner defending his propeerty all of a sudden become a victim, No, he is an armed robber that was shot as the result of his poor decision making,I am tired of the perception of Hartford based on incidents like this.

peter brush said...

Could be victims and criminals. In any case, the effort to deny Hartford's stinky-ness is futile. It's not the fault of reasonable folks such as Kevin B. that the town is the repository for a bunch of crumb-bums. And, why not better, more complete picture by reporting professionals?

Ellis Dee said...

Mr Akin

The girls who were raped are victims. Your example of the armed robber has nothing to do with what happened to those girls. Maybe you need to take a break from this.

Ispeakfreely said...

I rarely agree with Mr.B, but i get where he is coming from. Hartford gets a bad rep when false police report are made.
Basically these women came down from their high wanted there car back, wanted to leave the party. So seeing that that the drug dealer was passed out, the juvenile who had the car was not returning it, and that the sun was coming up and they should have been home with their significant other, what do they do, cry wolf.
I bet a review of security cameras will show them arriving together and walking all happy. i bet a review of the gold club cameras shows the women and the guys talking it up and having a good ole time.
So its okay to say they were victims, they are victims of drugs and dumb decisions. I bet that services were exchange for drugs, but who knows, they know the truth.
But hey 2 bad guys off the streets.
If they were tied up who untied them? How was he able to kidnap them at the same time? Why did no one scream? Just ask questions about the story and you will draw your own conclusion. The actual news story was vague, 2 girls kidnapped and brought to a hotel in an area with lots of on going traffic and people.
People report the craziest stories to get out of a bad predicament. When there is no other alternative call the Hartford Police they do it all.

Just a thought...........