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Friday, November 23, 2012


Hartford's Police Chief James Rovella today announced the promotion of two HPD Captains and three Lieutenants to the rank of Deputy Chief. Rovella will be promoting Captains Joseph Buyak and William Long and Lieutenants Neville Brooks, Luis Rodriguez and Emory Hightower to Deputy Chief. The promotions will take place Friday , November 30, 2012 in a ceremony at 2:00PM at City Hall,

Although the assignments for the new Chiefs have not been announced, unofficially sources are telling me that Captain Buyak will be assigned as  Chief of Patrol,Captain  Long will be Chief of Detectives and Support Services, Lieutenant Rodriguez will be Chief of the South Police Services Area(PSA), Lieutenant Hightower will be Chief of the North PSA and Lieutenant Brooks will be assigned as Chief of the new Central PSA which will cover the downtown area. The Central PSA was eliminated under the neighborhood policing plan implemented under former Chief Harnett.

These promotions also mark the first time in several years that minority members of HPD have been promoted into Command Staff positions

Four police officers will also be promoted to the rank of sergeant during the ceremony.

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