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Thursday, December 13, 2012


For anyone unaware, the Hartford Parking Authority has stepped up their efforts this past year to collect parking fines. Uncollected revenue from parking tickets in Hartford has been a problem for years, but apparently the Parking Authority has gone high-tech..

The Authority is now using "plate reader technology" which are cameras attached to a vehicle that patrols the city scanning thousands of license plates per hour. The cameras attached to a computer database identify vehicles with unpaid fines. Vehicles with as little as $300.00 in tickets are being impounded and towed to collect the fines. The days of accruing thousands of dollars in unpaid fines seem to be gone.

If you would like to check to see if you have tickets or to pay a fine, you can go to or visit the Parking Authority at Hartford Parking Authority Administrative Office 155 Morgan Street Hartford, CT 06103 Phone (860) 527-7275 Fax (860) 549-7275 Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

And apparently no one is exempt from the enforcement, word is that a Hartford police Officer Tracie Green had her car impounded and towed last week as a "parking scofflaw" after her vehicle was identified as having over $550.00 in unpaid fines.

If your vehicle is towed as a "scofflaw" you are also responsible for the towing and storage fees in addition to the outstanding fines


Anonymous said...

what a freakin shock!!!!Im sure it will be to blame on the someone else operating the vehicle.

the big clam said...

That plate reader should take a spin through 10-2 rear lot, lots of unreg, mis uses there... STILL

Dirty land deals said...

Well last nites city hall meeting revealed that maybe the city might want to start collecting on some more taxes, since 40% don't even pay a nickel and the city is dead broke...But lets give out some more loans for supermarkets downtown. 300k that is surely not accounted for.