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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Take a look at the picture below of several guns seized today by Hartford's Shooting Task Force and you can make a decision. These guns were seized today in Hartford's Asylum Hill, on Sigourney Street, just yards away from the Asylum Hill Boys and Girls Club.

The STF has been a huge part of the successes under Chief Rovella to reduce violent crime in our City and I hope our Mayor and Governor Malloy are able to work together to continue the funding and fill openings on the STF to continue its work.The successes of the STF haven't happened by luck, it takes money and manpower to take these weapons out of the dangerous hands holding them.

Several openings on the STF are expected to be filled in the next few weeks as Hartford officers are moved to the STF. Under the direction of Lieutenant Lance Sigersmith and the partnership of numerous  agencies Chief Rovella and others brought together, the Shooting task Force has had a huge impact on not just Hartford but the Capitol area overall.

The Shooting task Force is an asset that HPD can not and should not have to do without. The guns pictured above were taken from convicted felons today and it should make law abiding citizens shudder to think of the potential of these guns in the hands of convicted felons. Convicted felons lose their right to own guns, and no one can convince me that the shotgun and rifle are intended for personal protection ot any legitimate use.

I am going to try and follow this case to see if the courts do their part and take these criminals off our streets for a long time until they decide to live within society's rules


Anonymous said...


how is it that you had this yesterday afternoon, but the Courant is running it today as breaking news, and they don't have the pictures of the guns like you do.Just wondering


it all comes down to sources and trust I guess

Anonymous said...

The courant got the pictures, they chose not to print them.


Anonymous 7:34PM

looks like you touched a nerve on Broad Street