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Thursday, February 21, 2013


As I have posted here before the problem isn't with guns, the problem is the human hands these guns are getting into. Responsible gun owners who keep their guns secured and understand the responsibility of properly owning a weapon aren't the problem.

I was stunned when I heard Vice President Biden claiming to have told his wife to go out on the porch with a double barrel shotgun and jack a couple rounds into the air if she ever felt threatened. That is the furthest thing from what a responsible gun owner would or should do. Not to mention that it is most likely illegal in most locations.

This just goes to show the rhetoric that is being spouted by policiticans grandstanding as the result of a terrible tragedy. Gun violence has been escalating in our country for decades, but apparently it takes 20 dead first graders at the hands of a mentally ill gunman to start the debate. Pure politics at this point. It will hopefully  produce results, but in the case of our Mayor, where has he been with all of the young people that have died on Hartford's streets over the last 10 or 15 years.

Mayor Segarra is in Danbury today , along with Wyatt Earp Biden, discussing gun control in response to Newtown. Mayor Segarra this morning explained his presence on twitter stating he was participating because he was afraid of guns after losing his own father to gun violence.

A gun by itself is nothing to be afraid of, it is the hands we put them in that creates the problem and that is where any solution needs to begin. It might make more sense to hold these discussions in our neighborhoods where gun violence is an every day reality. Hold the conversation away from the lights and the camera's and the few minutes in the national limelight to really make a change.

Let's also forget about the multi round clips and lets steer the discussion back to budget issues and the cuts in spending for those needing help due to mental illness. That is where the real gun problem lies because no sane person could walk into a classroom and execute 20 children, whether armed with an assault rifle or a handgun..

In the meantime, someone might want to educate our Vice President on what responsible gun ownership requires.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, you want a real common sense law to stop gun violence. Increase the minimum mandatory sentence for a gun assault to 20 years and the penalty of carrying a firearm illegally to 10 years. Law abiding gun owners would not be affected. Those committing gun violence would think twice about using a gun in a crime if they new it would lead to 20 years in prison.


Any gun laws are only effective if our Court system enforces them and impose stiff penalties, the usual slap on the wrist means nothing to criminals