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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The common response  when you mention the name "Pedro Segarra" these days is one that I am really getting tired of. Most people would agree Pedro Segarra "is a good guy". I agree that Pedro Segarra is a good guy.

With that being said, what Hartford needs right now is not a "good guy", we need a leader. Someone that is actually capable of leading, not someone that strives for every photo op cutting a ribbon or handing out hot chocolate at a skating rink.

By most accounts, Segarra has abdicated his authority to his Chief of Staff, who is far from being the "capable leader" we need . Over the next few weeks, I am pretty confident that Jared Kupiec will prove to be a source of embarrassment for Segarra as numerous things in and around City hall begin to unravel. From questionable motor vehicle accidents and how they were handled to large amounts of  unsubstantiated spending in question on his City credit card.

The credit card issues for all users are the focus of an investigation being conducted at the Council's request at this time.
Feel free to comment as to what this picture has to do with this posting

It has been irritating for me to see our Mayor focus on Newtown, while the violent crime and homicides in our City aren't even worthy of his attendance at a vigil. Last Monday, after a double homicide on Clark Street, Rev. Henry Brown told me that Mayor segarra had assured him that he would attend the vigil for Kelly Cooper and Kwante Feliciano. Segarra was a no show.

The vigil was probably one of the larger attended vigils I have attended. I was struck by the number of young people in attendance. If even one person in the crowd had heard words from a leader that made a difference , it would be worthwhile. But what is the message sent when the Mayor of the Capitol city can drive an hour to Newtown to lay down a bouquet of flowers but he can't drive 5 minutes north on Main Street to show respect for one of his residents gunned down in a driveway.

Kelly Cooper was apparently an innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cooper was leaning into a car in the driveway of 138 Clark Street, talking to the occupants in the car. From what I have been told, when the gunfire started he stood up, only to have his skull shattered by a gunman's bullet.

The nonsense that goes on in this City that prevents leadership is disgusting. In the recent veto of the resolution restricting overtime, Segarra, or more accurately the author of the Veto memo, said to be Kupiec, the memo cites the constitution and the City Charter.and states that the separation of powers is critical. That  is true providing that both sides are doing their part to balance the scale of power.

In Hartford's case when the Office of the Mayore either refuses or is incapable of exercising its leadership role, it is incumbent upon the Council to step up and swing the scale back to protect the taxpayers of Hartford. I don't believe that the Council should micromanage but in the absence of management from the Mayor and the Chief Operating Officer, someone has to do it.

Pedro Segarra is a a good guy, having known him for several years now, I think that is a fair assessment. The problem being is that he missed the number one lesson in management school. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with and Segarra has surrounded himself with some real duds.

Segarra's "Cabinet "couldn't even run a McDonald's Restaurant. His Chief of Staff  can't even submit receipts to apparently justify over $17,000 in City Credit Card purchases since November. The City has yet to comply with an FOI request for Kupiec's credit card records, even though they are readily available.

His other trusted Cabinet member Jose Colon Rivas apparently has no problem lying to Segarra and the people of Hartford as to where he actually lives. If they really are as close as people tell me I would think that the Mayor would be upset that Colon -Rivas can lie about his address, knowing that it will eventually be a source of public embarrassment to Segarra.

People you trust don't put you in a position like that. His Chief Operating Officer has been recycled once again and seems to be using the City of Hartford as her personal employment agency for friends and relatives. And Segarra's Emergency Service Communications Director still apparently enjoys his daily commutes from Suffield. A leader would say enough is enough, not Segarra though.

Segarra also mentions in his veto  the "Office of the Mayor" and the respect bestowed on it by the Charter.. No Mayor, you earn respect by being a leader and doing what is right ,no document can do that for you. Only you through your actions can make that happen.

In case you don't realize it, get out in the streets and listen. You are losing more and more respect every day that you are surrounded by your friends from Clown School.

Do the right thing, we need a leader, not a politician.


Anonymous said...


look around, that commissioner in the HRA, with a possible future in the Planning Commission, a butt buddy friend of Jared, maybe be your demise.

Pedro -
Piénsalo, Do not make the wrong mistake.

Backseat Jared said...

In which car was Mr Kupiac " entertaining" Joe M's daughter?

Johnny Walker Black said...

Is there police reports for " Daytona 500" Kupiec's city car crashes...please post them....we have heard that there were empty "sneaky pete" bottles in the back seat of both vehicles.

Anonymous said...

City vehicles? Does the City follow IRS regulations for reporting personal use of City owned vehicles? How much money is spent each year on to vehicles, repairs and maintenance, and fuel?

The blue line said...

Was Officer Spell on this accident too, like he was in the 2 toher Jared K car crashes ? Shall we say " reports never filed"?

Anonymous said...

Kevin you couldn't have summarized it any better. Pedro needs to open up his ears and start listening but not to his Chief of Staff or Chief Operating Officer. If they are his friends they would be giving him better advice. I notice you left quiet a few more details out. But all this nonsense needs to stop. Every single one of them is abusing their power that was given to them, including the Mayor, They are still a lot of hidden secrets in the magic lamp. A lot of these comments on your blog are from inside city hall employees as well as angry taxpayers. Something have to be done fast before it gets worst. Starting with the Mayor's and his two greedy Chiefs. Shame on them they can run the city, neither can they drive, use their credit cards appropriately. If you can continue to search you will find more.

The Rock said...

Well, well,well, I see that the boy wonder is at it again. OMG he crashed The Batmobile, oh no Panagore wouldn't be happy if he was still around, and look at this picture, the riddler has taken the place of the ousted fatman.

These two monkeys uncles have screwed up the city royally. From the mishandled land deals to the abuse on he city's credit cards and I am sure that's just he beginning.

Watch out because when the Feds come knocking the Rock can't save you two Jabroni's, so get your soap on a rope and your flip flops, because you'll be sold for a pack of cigarettes and a roll of toilet paper like a couple of bitches.

These two ass clowns should take a walk down lolly pop lane, sit at the kids table and eat their fruity pebbles and apples jacks and shove their "P Cards" set sight up their candy asses. If you smelllllllll what the Rock is cookin!

Anonymous said...

To "Thin Blue Line",

Your comment title is ironic, to say the least. By posting under the title, "Thin Blue Line" are you implying that as cops we should be sticking together? Or are you one of those guys that have one of those silly thin blue line braids around your wrist, so that everyone at Hoffman's Guns knows your a cop...?

After reading your comment, I think you should've titled it under the name, "Disgruntled Officer with Entitlement Issues".

I apologize that you weren't selected for the shooting team, but I don't think copious abuse of sick time, and a prolonged assignment to the relief list is what they were looking for when they selected their officers.

I'm not exactly sure why bashing Sgt. Spell has anything to do with Mr. Kupiec. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the Mayor and his staff have a vested interest in crime reduction and the success of the shooting team. Often times, City Council personnel and the Mayor's staff are allowed to shadow the shooting team in an effort to better understand the teams' mission. In these cases, they usually ride with a supervisor. One of those supervisors is Sgt. Spell.

I'm sure you will be able to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the activities of Mr. Kupiec right after you get the tape changed in spare 9.

I wish you the best of luck with your whistle blowing and insinuations, because honestly no one cares.

The best advise I can share with you is to keep your mouth closed and worry about your own affairs.

The Blue Line said...

Dear Anonymous 12:44

Thank you for spouting the "company line" but I still believe that Sgt Spell's shooting task force duties dont entail having dinners and booze with the Mayor and Jared on the city hall credit card...The best way to reduce crime in the city would be to dispatch Sgt Spell back to the streets where you and I do our work. Mr K and his boss dont need a bodyguard at the city's expense...especially one who's professional abilities could best be put to use in the street to really reduce crime.And, putting Sgt Spell back into the streets would do wonders for his diet and waistline !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really people!!? I'm sure there are other employees you can bash rather than talk about Sean Spell. What about a certain LT who drives intoxicated to a search warrant then crashes at Jennings Road @ the I 91 north off ramp in his take home city vehicle. Where is that report???
Now, in spite of his new assignment, he scrutinizes his patrol supervisors and officers in hope of getting transferred elsewhere. Holy grievance! Maybe when Bergenholtz leaves he'll be sent to the dungeon too.

How do you talk bad about Sean Spell who spends countless hours working with Intel, Shooting Taskforce, and manages the police fleet. Some of those hours on his own time. Maybe when your riding around in a new 2013 Chevy Tahoe, 2013 Chevy Impala, or 2013 Chevy Caprice you'll realize that there are some people who are devoted to their career. A good department is characterized by it's employees who strive to be the best. If you don't, then continue to work your 5:2/5:3, take your calls for service if your not on a bathroom break or food run, drive around in a 2006 Ford with scuffs and dirt because your too lazy to go to the free car wash, and complain to your fellow co-workers about how miserable you are. Sean, keep doing your thing brother. You are keeping this department together and only the ones who actually care will follow your paths. I've chosen to ignore the negativity and do the right thing because those ignorant people will always need your back when it goes bad. Hopefully they realize that!! (10-99)

Walter White said...

once again I see jealous officers and or supervisors commenting on another person. Lets see, that accident involved a car that did not stop at its red light. If records serve me right, Mr.Kupiec was a passenger and the operator was transporting him home and the second slammed into them.
But for others Spell is a straight forward man who takes care of his own. Spell has done many things for this department, like being part of the push of the new black and white cruisers, the new impalas for the P.D.
If your sick of being in the same rut show so manhood and step up your skills as a street boss.

Anonymous said...

D09 still doesn't have one hair out of place!!!
Best boss in the PD, anyone that has worked for him knows that!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that certain individuals within our department find the need to bad mouth anyone whom advances professionally on a public forum such as this blog.

The recent comments in regards to Sgt. Spell are a perfect example. Sgt. Spell's dedication to the Hartford Police Department, the officers/detectives under his supervision, and the citizens of Hartford are second to none.

It is clearly apparent that he has been placed in his current position as a result of his hard work and dedication. His units arrest statistics and the direct correlation to the drop in violent crime within the city speak for itself.

These comments are posted by disgruntled individuals and in no way depicts how the rest of the department views and respects Sgt. Spell. I can only hope that the citizens who follow this blog realize what an asset he is and ignore the recent slanderous posts.