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Monday, May 20, 2013


I just finished reading the latest post on's Cityline. I think it has to be a joke by Councilman Ken Kennedy. It has to be a joke because no one could possibly take his comments seriously.

Check out the posting here

Kennedy's allegiances to the Abe Giles family are no secret.The Democratic Registrar,Olga Iris Vazquez is the daughter in-law of the late Abe Giles

Kennedy is definitely out of touch if he can honestly say".“She’s the one who does the most work,” Kennedy said.

The fact of the matter is that Vazquez has cot the City tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees for poor decision making and violations of State law that landed the City of Hartford in Court on several occasions. She has also proven herself to be one of the most incompetent Department heads in Hartford City Hall, and that is saying a lot when you consider the operations of City Hall. The Registars Office has shown itself to be unable to operate within its allotted budget and has had to go back to the Council for additional appropriations to cover their overspending.

Kennedy's attempt to protect the last bastion of Democratic patronage in City Hall I guess should be expected, but as an attorney he should think this out a little more. The Republican Registrar position is required by State statute and the Working Family Registrar obtained her position through a loophole in State law. None the lesss, they are both legally filled and to attempt to protect one party at the detriment of others is discriminatory and would surely put the City in a courtroom defending Kennedy's actions.

In addition, I think Councilman Kennedy might want to reconsider his quote"“She’s the one who does the most work,”. I think if Mr. Kennedy actually looked at the number of new registered voters, he would find that the Working Families Registrar Urania Petit is leading the pack when it comes to outreach and registration. Petit routinely runs training classes for immigrants attempting to become US Citizens and getting them to be able to register as voters.

Kennedy's recommendations are poorly thought out and probably not even legal. The registrars Office has been a financial black hole when it comes to the City budget and needs some revamping, especially the salaries paid for the three  deputy registrars, not to mention the salaries for "consultants" that are doled out every year at primary time and election time.

Make the cuts that truly will benefit the taxpayers and not those that will get us sued in Court


Anonymous said...

Kevin. I think you made a mistake calling Olga one of the worst dept heads at city hall. You should have said in the history of city hall. She does no work. She is clueless

Keep it real said...

Olga the democratic registor of voter caused Rep. Ken Greeen to lose his seat and almost caused Rep. Brandon McGee his seat. She is a joke and needs to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

The State Legislators re-drew the lines in the District, Ken Green grew too complacent in his job. Rep. Matt Ritter proved to be a better campaigner and won, simple as that! As far as the Registrars office, Olga has reorganized the office, and has proven to be the best Campaigner, and Highest vote getter for all the municipal seats in Hartford. It is not easy working in an office , where you have the Former Republican Registrar Sal Bramante complaining all day and disappearing from doing any work, and you have the Working families Registrar never in the office, All though I understand she does a lot of voter registartion.I agree the salaries are way too high! $45,000-$50,000 is what they should be receiving, the assistants, part time, $20,000-$25,000. The City Council needs to lower all DEPT heads salaries at least 10-15%, And Cut all the FAT out of the Mayors office budget, Mayor Segarra, is a kid in a candy store, on a spending spree, the likes we have never seen!

Anonymous said...

If they can keep the illegally triple dipping Sandy & wonder boy Jared on board, they can keep Olga. The City is loaded with incompetent folks that are there for themselves. They need to start at the top of their list, with the three Musketeers. (Mayor, COS Kupiec, & COO Borges)