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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 If you look at the report below, the first question would be why? Segarra, along with several others don't seem to be exercising their right to vote on the current Board.

According to the report, prepared by Achieve Hartford, Lori Hudson has missed at least 60 votes, Segarra appointee Cherita McIntyre has missed 34 votes while Segarra himself had the third worst record , missing 39 votes. Board member Luis Rodriguez-Davila is not only missing votes,43 to be exact, but he has been missing in action for several months.

Word is that Davila has moved to Puerto Rico, in which case he should be asked to do the right thing and resign if he is longer residing in Hartford.

Board President Matthew Poland appears to have the best voting record, missing only 4 votes, followed by Elizabeth Brad-Noel at 6 votes and Republican Richard Wareing with only 8 missed votes


Klin pj slip organizer said...

Lori hudson?? Where are you ?? Kevin do these people get paid ?? And if so do they get compensated for missing votes? Mayor Caviar has enough problems...

The Truth said...

Not one person on charter revision wanted the Mayor to have a vote on the BOE,the vote was unanimous.


looks like he doesn't show up now to vote, what would be the difference?

Anonymous said...

No, the mayor should not have a vote on the board of education.

Anonymous said...


I think the real story on this revision is the one no one is talking about, big raises for the Mayor, Treasurer and Council:

The Mayor will get the same salary as an Apellate Court Judge plus a regular raise based on inflation.

The Treasurer will get the same salary as a Superior Court judge plus regular raises based on inflation.

So both the Mayor and Treasurer will eventually make more than an Apellate and Superior Court judge (who don't get regular increases based on inflation).

It appears the Council is going to get regular a cost of living raise, without going to the voters to approve it.

They all truly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous;

There is no real story here about raises.I was on Charter Revision and we increased those salaries a few bucks and put in the cost of living adjustments to quell any future raises and to take away any raises from becoming a political football before the Council.Future Concil's will never again need to consider raises for a Myaor,Tresurer and/or themselves as the automatic cost of living adjustments will kick in.

Vote No said...

Why not give one to every other city employee, but is this was a good Idea even though the city can't make it's ARC payment (IOU's)? Hopefully the voters vote it down why give automatic raises to individuals who have stripped the city of its dignity and name. It's bad enough they get what they get for being incompetent and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Charter Commission member:

Are you kidding? You give the Mayor a big raise the Treasurer a big raise, also the Council gets a raise. Then their pay automatically increases forever without the voters approving? It certainly takes "politics" out of it. But it is such a blatant effort to stuff more tax dollars in the pockets of the highest paid municipal officials in the state, I can see why you would remain "anonymous"!