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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Single Party rule serves no one in a democracy, not Republicans, not Democrats, no one, especially the members of the democracy. For far too long Hartford's Republican Party has been in decline. The opportunity to start turning that around is solidly in the hands of Hartford's registered Republican voters tonight.

The Hartford Republican Town Committee will caucus tonight at 7:00PM at Hartford City Hall to elect members of the Republican Town Committee for the upcoming two year term. This is an opportunity for any registered Republican to break out of Jurassic Park. The Republican Party both nationally and locally is stuck in their ways and needs to break free from the ideas that worked in the 50's and 60's and begin to embrace younger members of all national origins and races, sexuality and beliefs.

 If the Republican party is to survive, it needs to end the perception that it is the old white guys club.

Younger leadership that is able to communicate with voters in all of Hartford's neighborhoods is needed. Now this may sound a little odd coming from me, currently registered as a Democrat and also a member of the Hartford Democrat Town Committee. I strongly believe in the ideals our forefathers established and that includes checks and balances on our government. Those checks and balances include a voice for all people and an opposition party that isn't afraid to raise their voices and question our government.

That has been missing from Hartford Government for many years now, from the time when Hartford's last real Republican on the Council, John O'Connell was never afraid to pound the dais and raise his voice when needed.

We need that opposition to hold our elected officials accountable. Tonight there is an opportunity for any registered Republican voter in Hartford to show up at City Hall in the function room and begin the change. Get involved in your local government and start the rebirth. Everyone will benefit from more citizen involvement with new and younger ideas


peter brush said...

We need that opposition to hold our elected officials accountable.
Why? Can't the Dems and the WFP hold their pols accountable?

All indications are that the electorate of Hartford likes things the way they are. The Republican Party owes nothing to this town.

Anonymous said...

one murder down several to go