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Friday, February 14, 2014


I would really like to see an internal audit occasionally that says things are going well and people are doing their jobs. Unfortunately , I don't anticipate that until there is a full clean sweep of City Hall, from the Mayor right on down.

Today another Internal Audit report was released detailing the deficiencies of collecting the funds due the City from special events. If the invoices are ever even billed, the collection rate seems to be very poor, yet we continue to allow the same groups to hold events without their previous bills ever being paid.

The report below speaks for itself. How many vehicle repairs could be completed if the money was collected or how many years could we fund the mounted patrol on $100,000.00.

This is the height of incompetence by the Mayor, his COO and others at City Hall.

What will be next for the Auditors to uncover?


Anonymous said...

Under Seller directive what could possibly go right. The man is so full of him self that pays little to no attention to what happens in Development Services. The media hasn't even started with him but I'm sure if you dig hard you will find a huge tail of errors being covered up by City Hall..because is political so they say. Ask the NRZ's about him.

Anonymous said...

Cover Up oh is that it is called. There is so much cover up in Hartford's city hall that all cities and towns in Connecticut laugh at Mayor Pedro Seggara and all his cronies. The biggest jokes are that Corporation Council Sanudra Kee Borges's husband Fire LT Terry Waller smashes her city car, City Treasurer Adam Cloud is being investigated for misuse of city money, appointed Deputy City Treasuer Carmen Serra has no financial background, Mayor Pedro Seggara's Chief of Staff Juan Figerora is not qualified for the job and the Mayer trys to hire a Deputy Chief of Staff but the taxpayers OBJECTED, Miss Linda Bayer is part of the Mayor's cabinet and on her second city pension, the Hartford Parking Privite Authority is a waste(What was wrong with the meter persons?) and the list goes on and on....