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Monday, February 3, 2014


This posting will be brief since it is almost 3:30am

Hartford Police are on the scene of another shooting. This one has a strange twist though. The victim, if you can call him that, is Alexander Bradley. Bradley was the guy that Aaron Hernandez , yeah that Aaron, the former Patriot now sitting in a jail cell accused of murder, Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley in the eye. Bradley, 33, has filed a civil lawsuit against Hernandez, claiming he was shot in the face by the former player in February  2013 as they were driving in Florida after arguing in a Miami strip club.

Bradley was apparently shot several times in the legs and groin area inside a bar at 151 Meadow Street. He then left and went to his cousins car outside to retrieve his gun. The car belongs to Bradley's cousin who happens to be a Corrections Officer. From what sources are telling me, workers inside the club saw Bradley returning with the gun and they locked the front door. Bradley then fired 11 rounds through the front window into the club.

Luckily for those inside, Bradley was shooting with only one eye and no one inside the club was hit.

Bradley was apprehended by HPD as they fled the scene in his cousins car a couple blocks away. Bradley was bleeding profusely and was transported to Hartford Hospital.

Sources also stated that Bradley, umm, how do I say this, was less of a man than he was when he started the night due to the gun shots to his groin area.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhahahaha, this turd got exactly what he was asking for. If you choose to live a certain lifestyle, don't be surprised when it catches up with you. Its good to know he's "less of a man" now; I guess that means we dont have to worry about this worthless sack of crap reproducing. Good apprehension brothers.

Anonymous said...

This guy has a price on his head anyways. Wait till he goes to lock up. Good luck, I give him 6 months at best.