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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Mayor Segarra once in a while does so the right thing. Councilman Ken Kennedy, who has a history of introducing resolutions to micromanage the operations of HPD, today lost another round in his scuffle with HPD. Remember the corvette engine resolutions  on the new cruisers?

Kennedy had introduced a resolution to disband both the HPD Fiscal management Unit and their Human Resources Division. Both moves would have been penny wise and pound foolish. The HPD Fiscal unit has oversight over the HPD budget and manages all purchase orders and invoices payable.

For anyone familiar with the internal Audit reports, HPD has never been a problem when it comes to fiscal management. I am not aware of any issues or questions regarding  the use of HPD P-cards( credit cards). The reason... the strict oversight of all purchases by the HPD Fiscal manager. Doing away with that oversight would be a small savings and a huge mistake.

After the Council passed the resolution it was sent to Mayor Segarra for his signature. According to sources, Segarra today vetoed the resolution, leaving the HR and Fiscal Departments intact at HPD, at least for the time being .


Anonymous said...

What Councilman Kennedy should have disbanded Seggara's Special Detail and Chauffeur service. Loser Seggara has an ulterior motive in protecting HPD, they have a lot of Intel on this perv, lieing dirt bag!

Caviar, Boys make mistakes, Men admit them! Try it, come clean about your dirt and fictional story.

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Anonymous said...

Kudos for the Mayor! The HPD is an very large Department with unique fiscal and personnel needs. Consolidation would result in Officer's personnel issues being added to an already over loaded HR system. As for fiscal issues public safety would be bogged down with a system which is at best described as nominal.

Bottom line if the system is working it doesn't need to be complicated/obviscated!

Anonymous said...

Kudos you say or did you mean cover up to Mayor Escort!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:15, we need to make copies of this page, print them on T-Shirts, Coffe Mugs, hats etc., we can sell them to help with the deficit! Really, I would personally walk and put a copy in every residents mailbox, every buisness and every Court House.