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Friday, May 30, 2014


Hartford's IT Department, MHIS (Metro Hartford Information Services) has done a tremendous job in moving forward to put City Information on line.

The Hartford Open Date site appears to be up and running, I haven't done too much exploring on the site yet to see what information is actually available, but it looks interesting.

Take a few minutes to check it out, let me know if you find anything interesting and since I know City Hall are regular readers, feel free to leave constructive comments and suggestions on what else you think could be added.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't the education salaries in the Open Book?

Anonymous said...

The education salaries are not in Open Book because the education budget is not a part of this roll out.


Anonymous 8:10am,

Keep in mind this is just the start. And be sure that MHIS and CityHall are reading the comments and I am sure paying attention to make the system something residents want to see and use. The MHIS Director is someone that "get's it" and will pay attention to your comments.

Anonymous said...

This BS becomes transparent only when the accounts payable in the queue are made public, otherwise from an accounting point of view this is nothing but absolute BullShirt.

Open books my AZ, the Pedro Administration owes tons of $$ dollars to city based vendors past 90 days and beyond.

Administration and the COO show the account payable aging report.


I agree , open means open, not just what the mayor wants you to see. I am confident your comment has been noted by MHIS , remember,, this is still a work in progress

Anonymous said...

There is a vendor self service portal that vendors can use to look up payment info