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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


McEnroe:  "WOODEN... is now moving backward like a crawfish on crack"
Anyone that has been paying attention knows the Rock Cats deal stinks, but as we continue to peel back more layer's of the onion, it is becoming much clearer how bad the deal is and more questions are being raised.

Last week I posted about the "unspecified"  account that a City Hall source found in Munis. Munis is the City of Hartford's proprietary accounting and software system.

The source stated that the account appeared to have about $450,000 in it and showed expenses paid out of the account to Updike Kelly, a law firm and other consultants working on the Rock Cats deal.

Today WNPR's Jeff Cohen reported on the specifics of  those payments.

But how that account was funded and how the payments were approved is now raising more questions. You can read Cohen's story here

Although Segarra or his mouthpiece claim they have the authority to reallocate CIP (Capital Improvement Project) funds, a source in the Hartford Treasurers Office told me tonight he does not. That duty is reserved for the Council. No revised Bond Resolutions have been before the Council to re-allocate the funds Segarra is spending.

Colin McEnroe is right on this one. Council President Shawn Wooden who had no problem standing behind Segarra and the Solomon's (the Rock Cats  owners)I now busy back pedaling, according to McEnroe "like a crawfish on crack"

Maybe it is time for Wooden and the Council's OMB Committee to start bringing some truth and common sense to this deal. Where did the money come from? How was it approved? And most importantly, is it even legal the way it was done.

It might possibly be legal if the money was actually voted on by the Council when they approved this years budget, but we know that didn't happen under the veil of secrecy that shrouded this deal. I think we would have noticed a budget item labeled "Rock Cats".

For Segarra who is always saying he is about "the process" this process needs to be thoroughly investigated. Council President Wooden has every authority to start the ball rolling. Who approved the expenditures for these payments and transfers, was it the Finance Director, the Comptroller, the Mayor's Office, the Budget Director?

To read Colin McEnroe's full article, click here

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