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Monday, July 7, 2014


Is it another "Done Deal"? WDRC moving to Hartford?
Did City Hall and the Economic Development Masters find more cash sitting on the shelf in a shoebox in the Finance Department?

It seems like the Economic Development craze is growing. Apparently after you give away a $60 million taxpayer funded gift, everyone wants to buy in.

I received the following press release today in my e-mail claiming that Connoisseur Media was moving to Hartford after their purchase of WDRC AM and FM Radio. It sounds encouraging, right?

Wrong!!! WDRC Radio and their facilities are actually located in Bloomfield. Close to Hartford, but a lot cheaper tax wise. What a difference a couple hundred feet makes, a mill rate of 34.85 for their buildings and property in Bloomfield as opposed to 74.29 mills according to the State of Connecticut OPM website.

So apparently WDRC is not moving "into" Hartford ,as the press release might suggest.

Since rules don't seem to matter much to Mayor Segarra ,maybe we can just move the "Welcome to Hartford " signs a few hundred feet north on Blue Hills Avenue.

Sorry Pedro



HARTFORD, CT – July 7th – It was announced today that Westport (Connecticut) based Connoisseur Media has closed on the purchase of WDRC-FM, WDRC-AM, WWCO, WMMW, and WSNG, from Buckley Broadcasting.  Effective immediately, with the expansion into Hartford, a number of Connoisseur’s Southern Connecticut employees will be elevated to new roles in the added market. 


Southern Connecticut Connoisseur General Manager Kristin Okesson, who now oversees WPLR, WEZN, WFOX, and WYBC*, will take on the Hartford group under her guidance.  Keith Dakin, current Operations Manager of the Southern Connecticut group, will assume a regional role in handling programming duties of WDRC as well.  Southern Connecticut Assistant Program Director Kevin Begley will move to Program Director of WEZN (Star 99.9) and WFOX (95.9 The Fox).  Southern Connecticut Music Director Allan Lamberti will take over the afternoon drive shift (2pm-7pm) on WDRC-FM, and become Assistant Program Director for WDRC FM and AM, and for New Haven’s 99.1 WPLR.  Lamberti’s previous midday shift on WFOX (95.9 The Fox) will be filled by Ed D’Oliveira.  The new lineup of WDRC-FM air talent will include Mike “Lappy” Lapitino in middays.  Lapitino, who has done afternoons at WPLR for almost 30 years, will remain in that role as well.  


On the sales front, Stu Gorlick, current Director of Sales of Buckley’s Hartford stations, will be given an expanded position, adding WPLR and WYBC to his portfolio.  Andy Alcosser, current Southern Connecticut General Sales Manager, will be promoted to Director of Sales for WEZN and WFOX including all new business initiatives for the region.  Rowena White will remain in her role overseeing non-traditional revenue and digital but for the entire Connecticut group.  Stu, Andy, and the rest of the sales management team will work collaboratively to provide the best solutions and results for clients statewide, utilizing all the tools this large group of heritage radio stations has to offer. 


The business and traffic departments will be based out of Connoisseur’s Southern Connecticut facility, and work in tandem with the Hartford staff.  Engineering will be led by Southern Connecticut Chief Engineer Dom Bordonaro, in conjunction with Hartford Chief Engineer Scott Baron. 


“We are extremely excited about acquiring such a legendary station as WDRC,” said General Manager Kristin Okesson.  She thanked Buckley Broadcasting “for sustaining a great property over the years” and went on to say “we’re anxious to make it even bigger and better now by adding some of our key talented players into the mix.”


The format of WDRC FM will be Classic Hits, focusing on core artists such as Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Queen, Journey, Steve Miller Band, and U2 .  Regional Operations Manager, Keith Dakin explained, “The Hartford market has a hole for a Classic Hits based radio station, and the new sound of 102.9 will fill it.”  The station’s new positioning statement is:  102.9 DRC, Classic Hits of the 70’s, 80’s, and More


The staffs of WDRC-AM, WWCO, WMMW, and WSNG will remain at their helms, including legendary Connecticut broadcaster Brad Davis. 


CEO Jeff Warshaw added, "Connoisseur is so gratified to add these legendary call letters to our stable of extraordinary Connecticut properties."


Connoisseur owns/operates 40 stations in eleven markets including significant clusters in Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey.




*WYBC is owned by Yale Broadcasting; Connoisseur Media operates under a joint sales agreement


Anonymous said...

Kevin. The mayor said your not invited to the new 60 million dollar stadium in 2016 .....


And I was so looking forward to the caviar and champagne in the City Suite skybox. I am not convinced the voters will approve this unless the Solomon's get out their checkbook to take us off the hook.

Don't print those invitations yet Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Pedro this is another showcase of your visonless visson, lack of leadership, the idiots you surround yourself with and your usual riddle me this press releases.

Stick to what you know, perhaps you can use your reward points and frequent visit medal to get the "Touch of Class" to move to Hartford. Throw them a carrot, tell them they can host an evening in the "Sky Box"... we know there will be at least one regular there... YOU. Hell throw in the caviar to sweeten the deal. Do you still have authorization to use your P-Card????

Pinnochio said...

I was sad to see the Mayor issue a lying press release... he must be desperate for any reelection positive new news, but lying is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

leave Pedro alone, he's not getting luxury suite and free tickets this time with WDRC, or does he?

Anonymous said...

In a few years, after some increases to our already very high taxes, Pedro, Wooden, and Seller, will tell us it made sense at the time. And we'll pay, forever pay


who is Seller? or do you mean The Seller?. and just to be clear, the Media Release did not come from Segarra's Office

Anonymous said...

Every so often you find something worth commenting on. This is one. Unfortunately Hartford City Government has more to do with theater than reality. This is Theater and it is not worth the cost of the ticket

Anonymous said...

Every time Pedro the Pervert opens his mouth BULLSHIT comes out, he is stinking up the city! Someone call a fumagator and smoke this creep out!

Anonymous said...

this mayor is only interested in caviar, his luxury skybox and free tickets for life in his fantasy "done deal" stadium, to be built by the heavily tax burdened residents of this city.

Anonymous said...

in that done deal stadium, does Pedro get free hot dogs and beer for life with his free tickets or he must bring his own caviar and champagne that the taxpayers pay for?

Anonymous said...

whats up with that done deal stadium Pedro? is this done deal still a done deal?1

Anonymous said...

done deal? what done deal? Segarra is dealing with our money here

ConstantReader said...

Technically, Connoisseur didn't move to Hartford, but, it moved to the Hartford market. Typical lack of accuracy and coherence when kids report the news.

Anonymous said...

Where is the status of the deputy of the north making racial comments to 10 officers? How come nothing comes of that ? Its an official iad investigation as of this morning. What about west on mids with his serious crime scene snuff ??


Anonymous 2:26PM

Don't give up hope yet. Although HPD denied my first FOI request claiming there were no docu,ments related to the Deputy Chief incident, I believe as of yesterday it is actually an IAD investigation and officers are being interviewed. I have resubmitted my FOI request as of today for any documents related to the complaint. As far as the ranch House incident, I was just recently made aware of that and have spoken with several Officers that confirmed the events. I have requested the video and related documents to begin shining the light on what happened there that night. Any one with info is encouraged to contact me in confidence. Thanks for bringing these incidents to my attention