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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hartford Police officer Luis Feliciano had skated on an alleged homicide charge, skated on evidence of drug trafficking after his apartment was searched by Springfield PD during the investigation into his alleged involvement in a deadly stabbing that led to his arrest on murder charges.

 He even was able to get hired in Hartford despite concerns by Springfield officers over his alleged gang connections that resulted in him being turned down as a Springfield PD applicant.

But he couldn't skate from allegations turned over to HPD by FBI agents that detected his thefts from the Hartford Walmart during a parallel FBI investigation. It is unclear if the FBI uncovered the thefts and there may possibly already have been a current investigation underway by HPD Internal Affairs.

Chief Rovella issued an e-mail statement to all Department members late this afternoon advising them of Feliciano's arrest.

Another twist was uncovered tonight. After a short time as a Hartford Police Officer, Feliciano reported his department issued weapon had been stolen during a burglary of his Springfield apartment. The weapon was later recovered by Springfield PD during a drug raid, no further details were available at this time as to any circumstances of the theft or recovery .

According to sources, the second charge may have stemmed from Felciano's possession of what was called by one source "a magnetic key" a device used to remove anti-theft tags and devices from high value items

According to sources, it is believed that additional charges against Feliciano will be forthcoming as the investigation proceeds


Anonymous said...

Is anyone shocked?...doubt it....way to go background detectives....another black mark on the dept that could have and should have been hind sight...maybe the background detectives should be screened also....this dept is a joke.

Billy said...

Finally, maybe now we can finally s**t-can Feliciano... every day that he's online co-workers and residents are at risk.

He embarrasses the entire department and needs to be thrown on the other side of the proverbial blue line

Billy said...

In response to Anonymous at 1:58:

The background division had been a joke for years and was dissembled for obvious reasons.
So many were 'pushed' through the process for an assortment of reasons who would otherwise not have made it without the support of city officials, brass or certain detectives.
Some were such a joke they couldn't even make it through the academy.
What's worse is the spots these degenerates took in the academy bumped out the more deserving and qualified applicants who would have served the city better just as importantly they would have kept fellow officers more safe....not to mention they wouldn't be involved in gang related activity or theft from local businesses

Anonymous said...

bad, bad, bad apple. HPD must investigate whoever accepted this Feliciano to the dept.

Foster vs rovella HBO said...

What about paul west taking a suspect away from a crime scene on c sqaud? Why is this not being handled? Another cover up by brass out of fear. I guess its ok to be scared of soon to be LT west !!

Foster for union hammer said...

Hey foster. Can you go down to the union office on a 10-90 complaint. Make sure holton is still alive and breathing .....


The West matter is being looked into, and there apparently is video detailing the entire incident. HPD has refused to release the video of the incident despite my FOI request

Lion-O Lord of the Thundercats said...

hmmmm where are all the people that were defending him on the original post over a year ago when he was hired?????

RB said...

Is this guy any relation to "Lobster Girl"?


not thati I am aware of , other than being born with the self chreckout scam gene