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Friday, September 19, 2014


I have always been suspect of the validity of Mayor Pedro Segarra's "storytelling" abilities. Much of them would be much more believable if only he would stick to the truth, or at least acknowledge when he isn't

At Wednesday nights public hearing on the Rock Cats deal, Segarra once again found it necessary to embellish the truth during his comments . He was telling the story about how he is constantly hearing from Hartford residents about what a great job he is doing and how they all welcome the Rock Cats deal.

I immediately knew that couldn't be  true because the sentiment in the community seems to be more opposed than favorable to the deal. I do know that Segarra has a tendency to only hear what he wants to hear, and probably is tuning out the negative comments. It is all about the ego and convincing himself what a terrific job he is doing. That is what has gotten him into trouble repeatedly.

But then as he continued his remarks, he stated that a resident came up to him and said "If not us, who? If not now, when?". This just sounded too lucid for a Segarra comment .So  I had to make my first stop Google to see if we might have a little plagiarism going on here.

Sure enough we do, the fraud continues.Michigan Governor George Romney appears to have been the first modern person to popularize the saying (September 1963). Romney was pushing for “tax reform” — a 2% Michigan state personal income tax. (Michigan now has this tax and it’s over 4%.) In a speech to the Michigan legislature , Romney asked "If not us , who?. If not now , when?"

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan used the saying to talk about federal budget cuts–the opposite of Romney’s philosophy. From the 1981 Reagan speech:
All of us came here because we knew the country couldn’t go on the way it was going. So it falls to all of us to take action. We have to ask ourselves if we do nothing, where does all of this end. Can anyone here say that if we can’t do it, someone down the road can do it, and if no one does it, what happens to the country? All of us know the economy would face an eventual collapse. I know it’s a hell of a challenge, but ask yourselves if not us, who, if not now, when?

Pedro, please try dealing with the truth, it will make life a lot easier


Touch of Class said...

Mayor Caviar wouldn't know the truth unless it is either connected with the West Farms Mall bathrooms or the Touch of Class Escort Service.

Anonymous said...

Pedro Cavir CANNOT handle the truth. He's a natural born liar.

Anonymous said...

Brookman you are wrong. Everybody loves this done-deal stadium, especially the Caviar skybox and the free tickets for life to Mayor Caviar. All the rest of us, you know, the public, are delighted to pay higher taxes to pay for this stadium.

Anonymous said...

Kevin,it seems like yesterday that Governor Rowland stated "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION" regarding a new stadium being built in Hartford in partnership with the New England Patriots. What ever happened to that guy and his promise???? The Mayor seems to mirror him, very honest and genuine!

Anonymous said...

Brookman, I'm not sure I got it: did you mean Pedro Caviar is a "Story Teller" or is he a "Story Deller"....

Anonymous said...

"If not us, who? If not now, when?" Instead, Mayor Caviar should be asking: "Why us? Why now?" Let's try and help this incompetent mayor with some answers:
"Us", because the baseball team owners and the developers know that this mayor is a real sucker, desperate to do just about anything, at any cost, for his ego.
"Now", absolutely, because we have elections coming soon, and new, higher taxes will start kicking in only afterwards, so Mayor Caviar will be able to tell us you see, I haven't increased any taxes. Also, he indicated that the 'done-deal' had to be completed for the 2016 baseball season. Why give any time for serious reflection and discussion, after all it a 'done-deal'.

Anonymous said...

A scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal with Pedro and friends. We stopped counting, the list of scandals is way too long. Pedro your time to pack and leave has arrived.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I beg to differ, Caviar is not a "Storyteller" he is an out an out LIAR! He has dine norhing but lie as soon as he hit the Connecticut State Line, running frim the "GANGS"; WINK WINK.... This dude is off his rocker, hook him up to the machine ask him about all his dirty little secrets. Is Charlie still scaming the Housing Authority???? Two crooks in a pod, unfortunately the pod is the City of Hartford, the Tax Payers and the buisnesses trying to survive in this cesspool Caviar calls leadership.