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Friday, October 10, 2014


I guess some people just aren't cut out to manage anything. It becomes clearer everyday that Pedro Segarra is one of them.

The Hallmark of Segarra's administration has been his high turnover and lack of stability in the leadership of his Department Heads. Police, Fire, DPW MHIS have all seen the revolving door of "Acting Department Heads" and the list goes on.

Who in their right mind would move into the City to become a Department Head under Segarra and inherit the messes both he and SKB have created?

This has resulted in no tone being set for the Administration and resulted in the City being a free for all. There has been very little discipline resulting from many serious chronic problems including drug and alcohol use by employees, serious policy violations and abuses, including credit card misuse.

And now another bad audit of DPW operations. Including questions about thousands of gallons of gasoline unaccounted for and the lack of electronic security safeguards over the system.
I guess nothing will change until some real leadership arrives at City Hall, or until Segarra and his flunkies resign.



Anonymous said...

Waiting for the audit of the Treasurer's office.


I am not sure that audit of the Treasurer's Office would be in the Mayor's best interest. It might uncover a lot of shady payments orchestrated by the Mayor and his "acting" Finance Director

Anonymous said...

Segarra? Pedro Caviar? Doing ANYTHING right? ANYTHING? Are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

Pedro can do things right, like his visits to Westfarms restrooms, like his visits to the Cromwell motel, like his Touch of Class activities, like defending SKB (so she can defend him), like placing people in jobs they're not qualified or capable to perform, like spending money like a drunken sailor. Yes, Pedro CAN do some things right.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking about Pedro, we all know he's a failure, big time. Now we have to do something to get rid of him as mayor. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

In the Segarra Administration you get promoted based on your connections, not your talent. Here's an example: it's called Terry Waller.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened with Terry? did he pay his taxes for his Warren st properties, for his Homestead av & Park st properties? did anyone stop his illegal construction on Park? who's protecting him all the way? what did Segarra do about it? everyone knows Segarra and his cronies read this blog