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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


According to sources, something positive happened at the Hartford Fire Department earlier today. Apparently, inspectors from the State of  Connecticut Department of Health showed up unannounced for a surprise inspection at Engine 16 on Blue Hills Avenue. The inspectors were apparently there for a check of the first responder  status and emergency preparation of  Engine 16.

Engine 16 is the same apparatus that was detailed in weekend reports regarding deficient equipment and empty air-bottles.  Engine 16 was also  the home apparatus of firefighter Kevin Bell just before he died.

Although no written reports are available at this time,one HFD source said Engine 16 "passed with flying colors"

You would think that the HFD administration would already be doing this on every piece of apparatus in the City, but it is good to know that the State health Department can take the initiative to make sure things are right. Maybe Chief Waller you should be dropping into Fire Stations instead of padding your overtime on fire calls where you aren't needed.

Oh well Terry, it was good while it lasted


Anonymous said...

Engine 16 has John Nolan and Steven Larkum to thank for that. It's good to know that some of the people that work for the HFD are responsible. On another note, did you see Segarra on the news last night? I could just about see the steam coming from his ears. The "investigation" that he and SKB were planning into FF Bells death is moving in a totally direction. He obviously is not a happy camper about that.

Assistant for tic tac toe said...

Dont worry you all. Laugh it up. Terry will be the new chief once the tox report is released. Huertas is going to be the fall guy and terry will fly in like a superhero to take command ..

Be carefull what you wish for ....(. Meniacal laugh )


Anonymous 633PM:

Mayor Segarra needs to learn that no matter how many assistants he hires for Maribel, he can not hide the truth. This past weekend should be a valuable lesson for him. Tell the truth, it works every time.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Segarra and truth just cannot go together. Segarra is a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Tic tac toe Terry already got himself an assistant. A new moron on the block.
Be careful what you wish for, Ass. for whatever. What we wish for is to see Sandy and Pedro in jail clothes. We wouldn't mind if they shared the same cell. They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Terry Waller has a $53,000 bill for demolition job done by the city of Hartford at 287 Park St. Employees at L&I refuse to discuss, confirm or deny this. They're scared to death whenever anyone mentions it. Only Saundra Kee Borges and Pedro can remove this bill. DID THEY?

Anonymous said...

Caviar wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the head and put him in a choke hold? He is dellusional, corrupt, self-serving, deceptive, unfair and an out and out CRIMINAL who is PERVERTED!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hartford, I have some Good News as well, I reached out to Doctor Doolittle and he agreed to perform surgery on Mayor "Doolittle" free of charge, as to not burden the Taxpayers. The surgery will entail a Backbone, Balls and a Moral Compass implant!

Doctor Doolittle also agreed to prescribe and pay for Caviar while Mayor "Doolittle"is recuperating from this critical surgery, again as to not burden the taxpayers.

In Doctor Doolittle's diagnosis he stated if Mayor "Doolittle", does not get the surgery, his political career and Hartford will end in a FATALITY!

Anonymous said...

Kevin, PLEASE re-post my comment on October 1,2014 (its under the "It just keeps getting better and better" post, comment #60 at 4:50 p:m). I'm saddened and disgusted that my prediction came true just days later. It puts everything thats going on at HFD in perspective. CHANGE needs to start at Human Resources and end at the Chiefs Office. This isnt Public Works,,When you dont take the business of firefighting seriously,PEOPLE "DO" GET HURT AND/OR KILLED!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:48AM,
I just went back and read that post you are referring to. It sent chills up my spine. You were tragically prophetic and absolutely right!!

Anonymous said...

Great news anonymous 9:45. Can you ask Doctor Doolittle to throw in a bonus surgery for one more "Doolittle Patient" from Mayor Doolittle's Cabinet, Administrstion or from Council.

The taxpayers can vote by posting thier choice on who the patient should be and what surgery should be performed.

Let the voting begin!

Anonymous said...

I vote for patient SKB Doolittle and recomend parisite removal and a selfless implant surgery.

SKB has leeched and been a self serving cancer on the backs of taxpayers for decades.

Anonymous said...

Why Mayor Doolittle? Call him Mayor Doonothing.