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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I guess if history teaches us anything, rules just don't apply to anyone interested in occupying the Mayor's Office in Hartford. Anything goes and rules mean nothing. Perez, Segarra and now possibly Cruz

We will see if rules matter to the latest wannabee to jump into the Mayor's ring. Hartford Councilman Joel Cruz has apparently made his intention known that he is running for Mayor of Hartford. Why I am not sure, I am not sure what his qualifications are to manage a half a billion dollar budget or even what he has really done during his un-elected time on the Council, or even what his management skills are. Cruz was never elected but was appointed to fill the remaining term of former Councilman Cotto, who didn't complete his elected term. For Cruz though, this is America though, and everyone has the right to run.

A couple of things  might need to be addressed though. First off would be that pesky State statute that affects minority party representation. That is why the entire Hartford City  Council isn't made up of Democrat's. The Council can only be made up of a maximum of 2/3rds of the Majority Party and since there is essentially no Republican Party left in Hartford, the minority role has fallen to the Working Families Party.

Councilman Cruz currently serves as a Working Families Party member Councilman and is the Council's Minority leader. Cruz has announced his intention to switch his party affiliation  to Democrat to ensure him a shot at the Mayor's Office. That starts the problem. By making these announcements the clock starts ticking on numerous election law deadlines.

Cruz would most likely not be able to change his affiliation to Democrat and stay as a minority member of the Hartford City Council serving under WFP. That would pose a potential un-balance of the minority representation law  under Connecticut State Law.

It is going to be an interesting election season as the posturing begins, but the laws do matter and should be properly enforced


Anonymous said...

Joel is a sweet--but clueless--young man. Unfortunately, he understands absolutely nothing about municipal political process. He's a sort of mascot or pet to the other dunderheads on the council. They tell him how to vote, and he slavishly follows their orders. Like a puppy, he aims to please, and wants to be liked. I expect they say "Good boy!", pat him on the head, and toss him a Cuddlebone.

Anonymous said...

I work on the HFD and I was sent to meet him at a ceremony. He looked like a little boy in a cheap suit. No one would ever listen to him in this town.

peter brush said...

I don't know Cruz personally or in his capacity as politician. Neither here nor there, but the WFP is revolutionary party; i.e., a menace. It says something about Hartford's populace that the WFP is Party Number Two in town. Without giving it any research, just on the face of it, it would certainly violate the minority representation statute for Mr. Cruz to change party. Maybe he could get a Dem on Council to switch out simultaneously.
We need adult leadership in City Hall. Ideologically he might fit with the WFP, but John Gale is honest and competent. His family has been here for generations, and , proving again that love is blind, he is a Hartford patriot. Unfortunately, I can't vote in the Dem primary (without a three month wait).