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Sunday, May 31, 2015


The Hartford Police Department has obtained an arrest warrant for last Sunday's double shooting, including the assault on a pastor.  Aaron Taylor, 12/17/89, of Windsor CT has an active arrest warrant for a shooting that occurred at 932 Capital Avenue on 05/24/2015. This incident was documented under HPD case number 15-15639. He is currently charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Assault in the First Degree. The warrant carries a 1.2 million dollar judge set bond. Use caution when dealing with Taylor as the firearm in this incident has NOT been recovered. Taylor operated a black Nissan Maxima in this incident although the marker plate is not known at this time. Taylor is also a suspect in other crimes. CT Inmate # 350467

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to contact Law Enforcement


Tom Brady said...

He's with Crabtree comparing war stories an sharing Ammo

Bill Belichick said...

Knock it off

City hall perp said...

mayor Caviar received the HPD report that stated we needed more cops and choose to ignore that report,thus creating the conditions for the recent violence and murders.Mayor Caviar has blood on his hands by his actions and is almost as responsible for the murders as the shooters are. As Caviar comforts the victims relatives,we did not hear him tell them that he ignored that staffing report.

Anyone here wants this imbecile back as Mayor?

10-89 on Linnmoore said...

@ Tom Brady / AKA Will "incompetent" Smith
Your better off spelling AND correctly in posts where your trying to hide and lash out at HPD rather than your usual uneducated ramblings using AN in everyone of your Marcus Garvey posts.

Anonymous said...

10-89 on linmoore. It's you're not your