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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Recently, the Hartford Police Department made a big production of their quickness in releasing information regarding an officer involved shooting in a Blue Hills neighborhood. Mayor Segarra quickly jumped on board and touted his transparency. I would gamble a guess and say Segarra had nothing to do with it, it had James Rovella written all over it and was probably thought out well in advance by the Chief.

Segarra can't seem to manage his way out of a paperbag, never mind successfully defuse the potential powderkeg that HPD had on their hands. Under Rovella's leadership the shooting was handled properly and no public disturbance was felt.

 But it is relatively easy to be transparent in textbook type situations. If the situation was entirely different, would the information be as forthcoming? If there were clear questions  regarding the officer's probable cause, would Mayor Segarra have been as quick to support HPD?

Lets move to another racial incident where "transparency " has not been as forthcoming. And let me say up front, I know Chief Rovella is in a tough spot on some of these decisions, but it doesn't make it right. I posted here a while back regarding Hartford Police Officer Kamil Stachowitz. Stachowitz in a drunken rage recently at the Foxwood's Casino began yelling the "N" word at a  Foxwoods tribal police officer, who had been called to remove an unruly Stachowitz. During the altercation Stachowitz repeatedly yelled the "N" word and even went so far as telling the African American tribal officer  "my grandfather used to own slaves like you".

After learning of the incident, I attempted to obtain the incident report from the Foxwoods  Police Department. After numerous phone calls to Foxwoods, the tribal Police finally acknowledged the incident and provided me with their case number. They refused to give me the report though, claiming that HPD asked them not to release it to me because they were conducting an internal administrative investigation. Foxwoods told me they had forwarded a copy of the incident report to HPD .

I requested the report on at least three occasions from HPD through Deputy Chief Foley to no avail. Detective Ursula Wiebusch who handles the Department's FOI requests would not give me a specific denial. All she would mention on her e-mails is that the report was part of an ongoing administrative investigation.

There are several very specific exemptions under the FOI law when an agency can refuse to release  public documents. Open Administrative investigations is not one of them. Documents as part of an "ongoing criminal investigation" can be withheld.  Since HPD has no jurisdiction in Ledyard or at Foxwoods, there is no chance of HPD's administrative investigation resulting in criminal charges. Specifically, this is the exemption HPD is apparently trying to use: Records of law enforcement agencies not otherwise available to the public which records were compiled in connection with the detection or investigation of crime,

 I understand collective bargaining and Union nonsense, but why would the Union or the Department try to protect a racist cop?

The scary part in this is that Stachowitz apparently went off sick under the Employee Assistance Program  (EAP) when the incident first came to light. I guess alcoholism is an illness under ADA( American's with Disabilities Act). It's a convenient dodge to buy time . Since that time Stachowitz has since returned to regular duty as a Hartford Police Officer complete with a badge and gun out in the public. He is currently assigned to TeleServe, HPD's front desk area, which is also the HPD version of the penalty box for bad boys and girls.

The problem with that is that Stachowitz last week was taken out of TeleServe and used in a regular  patr0ol car on the streets of Hartford, racist attitudes and all. One high ranking official at HPD also said that Stachowitz is eligible for overtime and there is no way of stopping that. What will happen if he is working a PJ at Walmart and assaults a black or Puerto Rican  alleged shoplifter. What happens if he is working a road job and gets involved in an altercation similar to the one we saw last year with the Taser deployment? Will the community give him the benefit of the doubt?

Will the community just accept the situation and continue their trust and confidence in HPD. In the current climate I would say probably not. Too many people are looking for a reason to light the fuse on that powderkeg, and with known racists like Officer Stachowitz on the force, they have every right to be concerned.

The HPD Union needs to not protect racist , bad cops. They have apparently provided legal representation for the racist Stachowitz at all of his interviews. Maybe it is time for the Moral Monday group to stage a protest on the street in front of 253 High Street at HPD Headquarters That's a protest for a cause that is not abstract to Hartford, we have a proven racist cop in our midst and he needs to be gone. Stachowitz has no business wearing the uniform and badge that all of the other honorable men and women of HPD wear  everyday as they serve our neighborhoods with respect.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, you simply cannot, I repeat, CANNOT use the words S-e-g-a-r-r-a and t-r-a-n-s-p-a-r-e-n-c-y in the same sentence.
However, you should be comfortable using S-e-g-a-r-r-a and c-a-v-i-a-r or S-g-a-r-r-a and c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n in the same sentence. After all it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brookman:
If you really believe you are a true advocate for TRANSPARENCY how about a post about the recent findings by the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board that clearly showed:

1. Increase in the number of "bad-cops" with MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS SUSTAINED against them.
2. Increase in EXCESSIVE FORCE complaints sustained
3. Increase in CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION complaints sustained
4. Increase in NEGLECT OF DUTY complaints sustained

In fact, were you even aware that in accordance with Section 2-196 of HARTFORD MUNICIPAL CODE the CPRB compiles a yearly list of these officers names, stats and complaint dispositions. GET REAL BROOKMAN. STOP SUCKING UP TO HPD!! No need for F.O.I. CPRB meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! You are quick to mention one asshole cop who had an off-duty incident in Foxwoods yet there are quite a few CONFIRMED BAD-BOY COPS you do nothing about.

Here is your chance to help push some REAL TRANSPARENCY or simply keep sucking up to HPD. Just stop using the word "TRANSPARENCY" PLEASE!


Provide the documents and I'll post them


The meeting minutes on Hartford. Gov do not. Appear to have been updated since 2012

Anonymous said...

11:06pm, Pedro Segarra IS caviar, Pedro Segarra IS surrounded by corruption.
What a waste, 5 years of waste. It's time to dump Segarra.

Anonymous said...

Hold up Stack is back on the street??? That's amazing that's inconceivable that's quite a shocker I guess Rovella really doesn't care about the next ferguson or Baltimore incident erupting

Anonymous said...

Did I read this correctly Kamil is back in a cruiser after his casino incident? Well this will def improve race relations on the north end of Hartford, thank you command staff at HPD what a joke !!!! SMDH

iamledges said...

@AnonymousJune 24, 2015 at 11:28 PM. It's about time that someone beside me is thinking the same thing . Kevin head is so far up HPD admins ass that he has losted all journalist integrity or dependability. This blog has losted it's original content and continues to filter the story on HPD behalf . Kevin just shut down the blog and go work with Pedro .


Losted?Maybe you should shut down your nonsense and attend continuing education courses

iamledges said...

@kevinbookman .
The problem with that is that Stachowitz last week was taken out of TeleServe and used in a regular patr0ol car on the streets of Hartford, racist attitudes and all.

How about you proof read your blog posts before posting them . And your comment about continuous ed. I have a BS from Charter Oak College and earn top dollar at the PD for earning and having one. What about you ? Sit down and shut up and bring back the old bookman the one that the dept was proud of .


I don't get your pint I guess. I did post that Stachowitz was put out in a cruiser and is still working overtime and private jobs, badge uniform, gun and all. I am the only one who has reported any of this, no one else even cares or picked up on it, fault them , not me. Pressure should be it on HPD to get a racist cop off the streets

Deacon Frost said...

So Kevin if this report mysteriously ended up in your mail box would you post it on the blog??


Deacon Frost,

I actually got the report today from the Foxwoods Tribal Police but I think it was a sanitized version. It says it was modified on 5/19/15 which is when I first FOI"d it, even though the incident occurred on 2/25/15,although it still is pretty bad. If you have something else I would love to see it in my mailbox