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Friday, September 18, 2015


The following is an e-mail I received today from  Luke Bronin and the Bronin campaign, I was not asked to post it here, but I am so that we can all understand and accept this opportunity to move Hartford forward. Luke may not have been your candidate, and I can respect that, but as the results showed , he was the choice of the majority of those that voted Wednesday. Rather than continue to complain, we need to rally behind Luke and we all need to bring all that we have to offer to the table to make the City we love great once again

I have always said that Hartford's greatest resource and strength is its residents. We don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on consultants. We need to utilize our free resources, and that's our residents The Hartford style of divisive politics only benefits certain specific recipients. We now need leadership that is able to pull it together to benefit everyone. I think Luke Bronin along with his Council slate have the potential to show us what we have really been lacking for years, and that is LEADERSHIP and VISION.

Get involved, start working with your are NRZ. Apply to serve on a Board or Commission for something you are passionate about. Become a Hartford cheerleader, Make a difference.

I will repeat here what I said to Luke and his new Council members Wednesday night at the Polish home, "The voters of Hartford have shown tremendous confidence in you today, as well as their desire for change, now you have to do something with it"

The time is now to begin the new direction for our City.

We did it! 
This week, Hartford Democrats voted decisively for change.
You voted for a City Hall that works for all of Hartford.
You voted for the team that is determined to tackle our tough problems head-on and work every day to make our city stronger.
We could not have done it without the help of every single one of you.
To those of you who knocked on doors and made phone calls, to those who contributed to our campaign, to the thousands of you who voted yesterday -- thank you.
This race is not over yet, and we still have plenty of hard campaigning left to do.  But I wanted to pause and thank you for helping us get to this point.  I am deeply grateful.
This campaign is about getting Hartford working again, and your support has gotten us one giant step closer.
Thank you!

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