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Thursday, October 22, 2015


It is moving quick. Word came down today that a Federal Grand Jury has been convened to look into the Dillon Stadium deal. It seems just a few short weeks ago when Councilman Kennedy was force feeding us this wonderful project, and now it is the focus of the Feds.

I would imagine there are many sleepless nights in the Scarborough Street /Terry Road area over these developments. I guess time will tell, who knew what and when did they know it and who was paid what for their votes to move the deal forward.

Stand by for the next developments.


Anonymous said...

Holly S*,
Kennedy, Wooden and Segarra are next.

Deller will deliver to the Feds, he needs a job.

Anonymous said...

It's Kennedy, it's Wooden, it's Pedro A-N-D Deller the Seller. All in the same boat, and this boat is sinking.

Anonymous said...

What a grand finale to the Segarra Administration: Federal investigation, grand jury, FBI, Dept. of Justice and more to come. A beautiful finale indeed.

Anonymous said...

It's time to investigate Thomas Deller involvement in the PEDP loans scandal (Providence Economic Development Partnership, PEDP, a taxpayer-funded loan program with extremely high delinquency rates) during his days in Providence, RI, right before his resignation there and getting the ultra high paying job he did not deserve in Hartford.

Anonymous said...

Deller will get no job in Providence, they've had enough of him over there. He must be leaving to another state, as quickly as he can, before the s#!t hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Now Gold St. in downtown Hartford is "relocating."

Just another stupidity coming from the stubborn Deller on his way back to Providence, the Seller, and the Segarra corrupt administration.
Deller is finally out. Segarra is finally out with one foot, trying to sabotage as much as he can before his second foot is out. Isn't it time to stop this stupidity, stop the madness and stop the waste with the unnecessary "relocation" of Gold St.