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Friday, October 9, 2015


Everyday I realize that there are good compassionate people around us. The video above is one that Tony Terzi from Fox 61 had posted on his Facebook page.  The video shows a man recovering from pretty severe burns that he received in a fire. He still found the time to stop and help a stranded motorist..

I had an incident yesterday with a Hartford Police Officer that is worthy of recognition. In these times when police bashing has become so popular with some, we also need to recognize the great officers out there.

Yesterday was my first day (or night) back in my own apartment after my July 5th stroke. I arrived home mid afternoon and a Hartford Police officer ( who I am not going to name, but it is indicative of most of our police officers) pulled into my driveway. The officer knew I had been gone for awhile and he was asking how I was doing .We had a short conversation. I then got out of my car and had a few things to carry up my stairs to get into my apartment.

He immediately went to get out of his car to help me carry things in. I  thanked him but explained I needed to do it myself to continue trying to get back into a normal routine. It was a struggle, but I got everything in on my own.

A short time later the same officer came back into my driveway. I was sitting outside on my back porch with my dog when the Officer pulled in.  He got out and told me that he was just stopping by to make sure I made it in safely.

It was a small gesture but it means a lot to know that people care. We do have many great officers in this city and we need to acknowledge and recognize their efforts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kevin. There are a lot of good police officers out there.

Anonymous said...

Continue to get well. Your good talents are needed here exposing all the draft and corruption.