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Friday, November 13, 2015


On the November 12th, 2015 at 12:40pm, Hartford Shooting Task Force investigators conducted a motor vehicle stop at 690 Albany Avenue. Upon stopping the vehicle, the operator suddenly jumped out of the driver’s seat and attempted to approach the STF Detectives. The operator was detained for officer safety without incident. The operator, later identified as Joseph Steele, stated he did not have identification or any paper work for the vehicle he was operating. Upon approaching the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was detected. As detective's checked the center console to locate paperwork, narcotics and a firearm was observed. Detectives also located a second firearm hidden behind a pull out AM / FM radio. Marijuana, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, prescription pills and a digital scale were located. 

Arrest; Steele, Joseph 29 of Hartford, CT. (18 previous Hartford arrests)


1.       Failure to Obey Stop Sign

2.       Possession of Narcotics

3.       PWITS Narcotics

4.       Possession Controlled Substance

5.       PWITS Controlled Substance

6.       PWITS 1500 ft School

7.       Drug Factory

8.       Failure to Keep Prescription in Original Container

9.       Carrying a Pistol w/o a Permit

10.   Weapons in Motor Vehicle

11.   Criminal Possession of a Firearm

12.   Unregistered M/V

13.   Operating Under Suspension

14.   Misuse of Plates.


Firearm #1: Smith & Wesson .32 caliber revolver color silver, 4 live rounds, 2 spent rounds.

Firearm #2: Silver revolver, unknown make / model, not loaded.



Anonymous said...

He sounds like a candidate to become a Hartford fireman.

Anonymous said...

@8:50PM- Hopefully that will change soon.

Pepper steak said...

I can hardly wait till LT Weaver becomes chief and runs this operation correctly. LT Cicero already has the bars and stars ready to run rome and have rose pedals and bread thrown at his feet by his loyalist and clergy. The fillet minon served at the 145 promotion party will be oh so tender and juicy........

Anonymous said...

It is filet mignon you idiot

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I wasn't sure where to place this complaint, but thought you may be interested:
The City of Hartford purchased many Big Belly solar waste receptacles. Several were damaged, at least one was hit by a car on Park St., a few are malfunctioning.
I found out that the cost of a single "Big Belly" is $4,000. I'd assume that when a large quantity is purchased, one should get a better prize.
The rumor is that Hartford paid $5,000 for each Big Belly receptacle. Is the rumor true? Who is responsible for this? who authorized it? Is it possible that someone at the current corrupt administration pocketed some dough?


8:03 PM thanks for the info I'll check on it .in this city anything is possible

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@9:20 PM
After getting rid of Segarra and his caviar, the people of Hartford must unite in removing Minnie Gonzalez and Edwin Vargas, these 2 liars ("We'll take it to the streets") who only try to profit themselves and their families from their positions.
Dump Minnie Gonzalez!
Dump Edwin Vargas!
Dump Hartford stinky garbage!

Anonymous said...

Pedro Caviar Segarra is GONE.
Now, Minnie Gonzalez MUST GO!
Edwin Vargas MUST GO!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Matt Ritter, this arrogant ba---rd, who is responsible for the high taxes we're paying in Hartford. Minnie Mouse Gonzalez, Edwin Vargas AND Matt Ritter must go.
It's our responsibility to dump all three of them.

Anonymous said...


How has Mini and Vargas personally benefited besides the salary they are given? And don't be nasty. You made the statement. Now back it up.


4:32 PM you need to reconsider your opinion. Matt Ritter is the reason we will be paying at least 50% less on our car taxes next year with legislation that kicks in in 2016. I know because I went to Matt a couple years ago suggesting a statewide mill rate for car taxes. It didn't seem fair and didn't encourage growth in Hartford that we paid almost 80 mills on vehicles while Fairfield County was taxed at less than 20 mills. I am not sure who else pushed the bill, but Matt was instrumental in its passage, which will definitely benefit Hartford's residents. What has Minnie done besides getting jobs in Government for her family when no one else would hire them. Matt is one of the future stars at the Capitol and understands why he is there and has a positive influence for our City. And as far as Ed Vargas, I am also very disappointed with his performance even though I initially supported him, but I think he has also lost touch with the needs of his district

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I agree with anonymous at 4:32 PM. Matthew Ritter was the architect raising taxes on multi-family properties by increasing the assessed value of these properties from 50% to 70%, a 40% increase. Many renters were not able to adjust to new, higher rents; many landlords couldn't survive financially paying these monstrous taxes. A friend of mine who owns one multi-family property contacted Matthew Ritter to discuss this; Mr. Ritter refused to discuss this issue.


Your complaint should be with the Mayor and City Council for their spending practices. Imagine if Ritter did nothing and allowed those properties to be taxed at the full 100% assessment paid in most other towns. Maybe if we had the 2 million back that Kennedy and Wooden squandered on Dillon Stadium property owners might have seen some relief. Or maybe the 2 Million in property taxes the Council is going to attempt to waive for their political donor, Mr Lazowski, should be put into a fund for tax relief for those property owners you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

5:55pm Check Vargas' and Minnie's jobs to tgeir friends and family.